308 AR, AR-10 Barrels:


Fulton Armory




I have no information on these 308AR BARRELS beyond what is listed on the NEMO product page.


  • Black Nitride Coating, offers superior corrosion resistance and accuracy
  • 300 Blackout barrel has an M4 profile and is chrome moly steel
  • 308 Winchester chambered barrels feature a HBAR profile
  • 308 Winchester barrels are machined from 416 stainless steel
  • 5/8-24 muzzle threads
  • .750” O.D. at the gas port
  • 16” barrels feature a carbine length gas system
  • 18” and 20” barrels feature a rifle length gas system
  • 300 Blackout barrel fits AR15/M16 receivers
  • 308 Winchester barrels fit DPMS pattern 308 AR rifles
  • Barrel extensions feature M4 feedramps
  • 308 Barrels have a 1-10 twist
  • 300 Blackout barrel has a 1-8 twist
  • Black nitride coating, stainless steel (308) and chrome moly (300BLK). Length 16, 18 and 20. .750 at gas port. M4 feedramps. 5/8-24 muzzle threads. 1-8 Twist (300BLK) and 1-10 Twist (308).

JP Rifles


Ballistic Advantage

Ballistic Advantage is well known among the 6.8 crowd for their precision match 6.8 barrels. They also offer match grade barrels in other calibers including .308 Winchester

Ballistic Advantage .308 AR Barrel

Krieger Barrels

Krieger Barrels are among the best if not the best rifle barrels period. Below is info directly from their web site

Did you know that as of 2009, the U.S. Rifle, Cal 7.62mm M-110 and it's civilian clones (Armalite AR-10, DPMS-LR-308 etc.) are legal to use in NRA Service Rifle competition? We are now offering Service Rifle legal barrels for the DPMS and Armalite style rifles. Please refer to the 2009 NRA High Power rule book, rule # 3.1.6 Service Rifle - U.S. Rifle, Caliber 7.62mm M-110 Series for the rule details on this rifle and it's legal configurations. Barrel specifications of what we are making are below. As with our AR-15 DCM/Service Rifle barrels, we do not include a gas block or front sight with this barrel.

These barrels have a retail cost of $375.00 and are unchambered and not crowned for that cost.

  • Stainless Steel
  • .30 caliber, 4 groove (.300" bore, .308" groove)
  • Precision ground for a .875" diameter gas block/front sight
  • .850" Muzzle diameter
  • Weight: 4#
  • Machined to A.M.U. contour to be service rifle legal
  • 20" finish length only
  • 1-10, 1-11, 1-12 twist rates

Our current AR-10/DPMS service prices will remain the same for these barrels. Examples of these service prices are below.

  • $100.00     Finish chamber in .308 Win and headspace to customer supplied bolt and crown muzzle
  • $240.00     Chamber and assemble to customer supplied upper receiver
  • $ 25.00     Satin Bead Blast finish on barrel
  • $ 65.00     Thread muzzle for 'un-timed' flash suppressor (see NRA rule book and your States own laws for the legality of this)

Noveske Rifleworks

Accuracy Systems