308AR SITE VISITOR QUESTIONS – We get a lot of questions in our inbox and on our Facebook page. We will use this page to highlight these questions for the benefit of the AR-10, 308AR and AR308 shooter community. Some questions and answers might be edited for clarity and updated as needed

James B Asks: Hello I have a DPMS 308 smooth side upper 16 inch barrel. The rail is to high for my taste..Will a Aero Precision 308 upper work?

308AR.com Reply: Hello James, The Aero Precision Uppers are completely compatible with the DPMS Gen 1 hardware. Not sure why Aero Precision doesn’t come right out and say it. Brownells does though if you want to read it with your own eyes Aero Precision 308AR Stripped Upper Receiver.

Rob W Asks: Hey guys, anyone have experience with Rainier barrels? I am thinking of going with the 16″ ultramatch with mid-length gas system. I am going to have it turned down to 14.5″ with suppressor mount permanently attached. I am also going to have the barrel salt bathed. Anyone with experience with their barrels?

308AR.com Reply: A few years ago before the 308AR and AR-10 platforms were main stream the Rainier Arms Ultramatch was one of the best off the shelf barrels you could buy other than the Fulton Armory Titan barrels (Criterion Barrels Inc) and JP Rifle Barrels. Today the Ultramatch is still a fine barrel but the competition is fierce.

Dustin E Asks: Looking to buy scope for my Aero Precision .308 ,looking to do some hunting with it but nothing with very far yardage,I’m wanting the look of a tactical scope,looking at the vortex spitfire 3x prism scope,anybody got any others I should check out? Looking in the $200-$300 range and definitely something more than 1x

308AR.com Reply: At that price point I would consider the $250 Nikon P-308 4×12

Brian V Asks: Hello, I am trying to build a NY compliant Remington R-25. I bought a used on with a spur and the factory A2 stock. I want to change it to the Thordsen Stock, which I have done. The buffer tube that came out of the factory stock hits the Thordsen and won’t assemble. Can you recommend an aftermarket commercial buffer tube that will fit and function correctly?

308AR.com Reply:

If you notice in the Thordsen Stock Instructions, it mentions “adjustable stock removal“. The means you need a 308 carbine buffer tube, carbine buffer and carbine buffer spring. You MUST use all three carbine parts. Brownells offers the DPMS 308AR Carbine Buffer Tube Kit. I would suggest the Mil-Spec version. Aero Precision also offers a 308AR Carbine Buffer Tube Kit . If you don’t mind hand picking you parts and want to buy the best buy a Milspec  Carbine Buffer Tube  and a Heavy Buffers Buffer and Heavy Buffers Buffer Spring. (Note: The pdf instructions state the following “NOTE: A MIL – SPEC  OR COMMERCIAL CARBINE  LENGTH BUFFER TUBE IS REQUIRED”)