AR 308, AR-10, 308 AR Receiver Selection Guide

308 Receivers

The upper and lower receiver are the center of a 308 rifle build. Your 308 AR rifle build must start with the selection of an upper and lower that suits your application and tastes. Fortunately today there’s a vast array of offerings to choose from.

If you want an actual AR-10, Armalite is your only choice. Armalite offers two different lower receivers, AR-10 Series “A” and AR-10 Series “B”. Today starting from scratch our recommendation would be to build an AR-10 Series “A” for the sole reason of being able to utilize common, reliable and inexpensive Magpul LR 308 PMAG magazines. There are other polymer compatible magazines as well.


308 AR, AR-10 Upper and Lower Bargains?

Research the 308 AR, AR-10 Upper Receiver and Lower Receiver Bargain

Lately we have been getting a lot of emails from shooters buying 308 AR and AR-10 upper and lower receivers as separate components at a good price. All these folks have one common problem. They were blinded by the deal of a cheap upper or lower receiver. They are learning a painful and in many cases an expensive lesson. All 308 AR Upper and Lower Receivers are not interchangeable between the various brands and manufacturers. Do your research before you pull the trigger on that new receiver purchase. Remember the old adage “if it sounds to good to be true it probably is”.

Armalite is the only AR-10

Armalite is the only AR-10

For some reason some shooters like to argue this simple fact. AR-10 is a licensed and trademarked rifle manufactured by Armalite. The AR-10 comprises two models. The AR-10A and AR-10B. Read the differences here. The Armalite AR-10 in either form is does not share as much commonality as the DPMS LR-308/KAC SR-25 platforms. The Armalite AR-10 upper and lower receivers do not mate up properly with DPMS LR-308/KAC SR-25 platforms. Armalite AR-10 models utilize a different bolt and barrel extension than the DPMS LR-308/KAC SR-25 platforms.

To refer to all 308 AR rifles as AR-10 is wrong and inaccurate. To refer to all 308 AR’s as AR-10’s is like saying all bolt action rifles are Remington 700 models.

Match Upper and Lower Receiver Brands

Match Upper and Lower Receiver Brands

Today it’s our opinion  that it’s a best practice to buy a 308 upper and lower of the same brand!

There’s a few reasons for this. Some 308 AR manufacturers only offer their 308 receivers in matched sets. This is done for the best fit and function of a rifle. Another compelling reason is warranty and support. Most manufacturers will not warranty or support a rifle of mixed brands. Aesthetics would be another reason. Today there are creative liberties taken with the receivers that simply look silly when mixed and matched.


Cadex Defence the folks who developed the Remington XM2010 sniper rifle, and their own line of sniper rifles and chassis also offer up their own AR-10 B compatible lower receiver the Cadex Defence CDX-10.

Cadex Defence CDX-10 AR10 lower receiver is manufactured to fit Armalite and Noveske upper receiver assemblies. It is precision machined from aeronautic grade 7075-T6 aluminum to provide the user with a high quality lower receiver for their AR-10 B rifle.

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The Mega Arms MATEN 308 AR Receiver Set has long been my favorite 308 upper/lower combo. It’s precisely made, impeccably finished and looks great. It’s still my “Go To” for 308 AR rifle builds. The MKM is Mega Arms latest incarnation of the MATEN and includes a proprietary and clever barrel and keymod handuard retention system.

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Aero Precision M5E1 Desert MAD Dragon 308 AR Builder Set

Aero Precision M5E1 Desert MAD Dragon 308 AR Builder Set, Product Sku: APPG308004 – The Aero Precision May Builder Set features a 308 AR receiver set with a Desert MAD Dragon Cerakote finish. These AR308 receivers are hand finished by MAD Custom Coating.

This package deal includes the finished pieces you need to assemble your own Desert MAD Dragon Cerakote M5E1 Rifle, including an M5E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver, 308 AR Generation 2 Lower Receiver, Generation 2 Enhanced Handguard of choice and Billet Trigger Guard all finished in Desert MAD Dragon Cerakote. Stand out at the range with a unique and eye catching build. This is a one time offer for this finish – once they are gone, they are gone!

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BUY 308 AR LOWER RECEIVERS NOW! A gun owner does not need to be a genius to understand what is at risk with the upcoming presidential election. Hillary Clinton's gun control position is well known. If elected she no doubt has the perfect timing and opportunity to...

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Aero Precision 308AR Burnt Bronze Builder Set

Aero Precision has been offering monthly runs of AR15 and 308 AR parts in custom finishes. Septembers Aero Precision 308 AR Burnt Bronze Builder Set is gorgeous and an outstanding value for the 308 AR platform. Note: The builder sets are special runs and you need to get you order in when the sets are announced.
September features our first M5 Monthly Builder Set. This package deal features the pieces you need to assemble your own Burnt Bronze Cerakote M5E1 (.308) Rifle, including a AR308 M5 Lower Receiver, M5E1 AR308 Upper Receiver and 15″ KeyMod Handguard all in Burnt Bronze Cerakote. Stand out at the range with a unique and eye catching build. This is a one time offer for this color – once they are gone, they are gone!

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Machined from 7075 T6 aluminum, the CMT 308 AR STRIPPED BILLET UPPER LOWER RECEIVER SET is ideal for starting an AR-style .308 rifle build. Receiver set uses standard DPMS type .308 lower parts, bolt carrier group, charging handle, and dust cover. Upper receiver is compatible with DPMS high profile style .308 handguards. Bolt catch assembly uses a hex head screw instead of a roll pin for easier installation. Upper tension screw is built into the lower so tightening the upper to lower is quick and easy. Ultra flared magwell on lower is wire EDM cut to accept P-Mags. Receiver set includes take down pin detent spring retention screw and a Mil-Spec hardcoat anodized finish. Does not come with forward assist.

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MEGA ARMS MATEN – The MEGA ARMS MATEN billet receiver set will accept ALL DPMS & Knight Armament parts. All Armalite parts with the exception of the barrel nut, and magazine. Build your ultimate hunting, tactical or target rifle without having to compromise. The MEGA ARMS MATEN will be sold only in sets (upper and lower) including a charging handle, threaded bolt catch pin, take down pins, tensioning screw, and door. This was done to guarantee the best possible upper to lower fit and finish. Using the MEGA ARMS MATEN platform also allows you the most options on your next build.

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JD Machine Tech | Out of Business

In recent years, JD Machine Tech has manufactured firearms and firearm components for many industry leaders on a production level. JD Machine Tech is fully licensed to manufacture firearms and component parts in the State of California. With the introduction of the JD Machine line of 5.56mm and AR-10, 308 AR semi-automatic rifles into the firearm community. JD Machine Tech knows that knowledgeable customers will be able to recognize the quality product they produce. JD Machine Tech typically allow thei products to speak for itself.

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POF 308AR Stripped Lower Receiver

POF 308 AR Stripped Lower Receiver, semi-auto lower receiver is fully machined from U.S.-sourced 7075 T6 aluminum billet for superb strength and precise dimensions. Extra metal in the right places gives a big payoff in added support and rigidity with minimal extra weight. Available in AR-15 and AR-style AR308 sizes, both models accept mil-spec and aftermarket components, so you can select the upper, trigger group, pistol grip, receiver extension, and buttstock that best serve your needs—the perfect foundation for a custom tactical rifle.

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