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Like the rest of my web sites 308AR.com was created to document what I know and what I learn along the way on any given subject. The subject in this case is the AR15’s larger framed .308 brother often referred to incorrectly as the AR10. The AR10 is a specific model of .308 AR manufactured by Armalite and the term AR10 will not be used generically at this site. Its my goal to document the major differences between the different weapon manufacturers offerings and what parts are available and interchangeable or incompatible. Hopefully the content will be accurate, easy to use and digest for the casual shooter.

If anyone has any information, pictures, sources to add please let me know through the contact page. Additionally if anything that is posted within these pages is incorrect please drop me a line


I was fortunate enough to be born long enough ago that guns were not portrayed as evil as they are today. I was born into a family of hunters though I preferred shooting to hunting and that remains the same today. My dad had me shooting at an early age. My first gun was a Marlin Model 60 which we bought used about 30 years ago. It still functions perfectly. My dad had a Remington 870 Wingmaster and a Remington 760 .308 that he purchased in 1968 from a family member. My affection for the .308 caliber probably stems from shooting that gun. I shot target .22lr competitively in an NRA sponsored youth program in my late teens. In High School I chose a bolt action Mossberg shotgun over a class ring. It was an easy choice. After high school I was fortunate enough to work with two great guys who opened my eyes on handguns, concealed carry weapons and life in general (Thanks guys). These two friends Joe and Mac are the ones who really brought out my passion for shooting. This passion has remained constant through the years and these trying political times. Now here in 2009 I find myself taking a few young guys under my wing and passing on my experiences which I’m honored to do – Andrew