JMT 308AR Lower Receiver

James Madison Tactical JMT 308AR Lower Receiver 80%

James Madison Tactical JMT 308AR Lower Receiver 80%

James Madison Tactical JMT 308AR 80% Lower Receiver
This is the all new James Madison Tactical .308 80% lower receiver. JMT is constantly evolving with products to deliver the ultimate lowers in the industry. JMT has now engineered the best polymer/composite .308 on the market today unparallel by any other with the same refined cosmetics that you find in our AR-15 composite / polymer lower. We invite you to take a look and compare the new JMT .308 to the competition. After doing so, we are completely confident you will choose JMT.
Key enhancements include:
  • Extended upper fire control box sections.
  • Upper left magazine well box section.
  • Webbed magazine wells L & R side (matched for MagPul) magazines.
  • Extended bolt release roll pin posts.
  • New JMT Gen2 logo markings.
  • DPMS Compliant
The polymer 80% lower receiver for your .308 platform is engineered and manufactured by James Madison Tactical (JMT) in the USA. This is not your average polymer 80 lower, in fact, The JMT .308 80% lower is fully engineered using current finite element structural analysis for reliable, long-term high performance.
After much research in polymer .308 lowers, JMT created its own formula of hybrid polymers and fibers with additional reinforcements in high stress areas to bring you the best .308 lower on the market today. All of the JMT polymer 80 lowers are engineered to Mil Spec tolerances and because it is fashioned from extremely durable fiber polymer materials there are no concerns about corrosion as you may find in aluminum .308 lowers.

JMT uses only the best high quality hybrid polymer/composite materials, advanced engineering, precision manufacturing and stringent quality controls. This way you can trust it not only in the harshest field environments but for personal protection as well.
The Polymer 80 .308 80% lower is designed specifically to Mil Spec tolerances for a high level of interchangeability with other Mil Spec .308 parts and accessories on the market today. This is achieved through current technology and computer aided manufacturing processes combined with exacting quality control procedures.
How you decide to defend and protect yourself and your family is a personal matter. No one wishes to experience a personal breach of your safety or a home invasion but it does happen. The mission at JMT is to give you the assurance in a product you can trust.
The operations left to be completed to complete your JMT .308 80% lower are as follows: fire control group, trigger pin, hammer pin, trigger slot and the safety selector hole. This is a not an FFL item. This is not a complete receiver and still requires machining to be done.



Genesis CNC

Genesis CNC

Genesis CNC

Genesis CNC – The Beginning for the Rifle Builder:

The Right Balance of Power and Precision with Compatibility and Options


Right now our 80% .308 Lower Receivers are in stock and available to all customers at our discounted dealer pricing.
In Stock orders will be shipped within 24-48 hours of order placement.
Take advantage of this limited time offer!
Jig Assemblies will be shipping out starting early next week!

Genesis CNC is proud to offer our Gen-2 80% .308 Lower Receiver and .308 Stripped Upper Receiver which now provides the market with increased compatibility and options across the board.
The Genesis CNC .308 Upper and Lower Receiver pair is not only the foundation and starting point for the Rifle Builder, but also our parts allow current owners of LMT® / KAC™ / La Rue™ / Les Baer™/ Armalite™ .308 rifles to add another compatible Upper Receiver and build on their platform. Generally speaking, this has not been a readily available option.

Genesis CNC

Genesis CNC


We have re-designed our Jig Assembly with dowel pins and a single base which is a far superior design to our previous model.

In the future we will be offering our jig with and without drill bushings with a cost reduction for jig assemblies without the drill bushings for the single user.

Genesis CNC 3


The Gen-2 80% Lower Receiver is not only compatible with LMT and KAC .308 Rifles, but also creates the option for current owners of Armalite™ .308 rifles to convert their rifles to accept PMAGs® and other SR series magazines.

Designed  to accept a DPMS™ Lower Parts Kits, with the exception of the rear take-down pin.

Generally, this design change not only creates significant cost savings for the customer but also the DPMS™ Lower Parts Kits are more readily available for purchase.


Genesis CNC

Genesis CNC


With our Gen-2 .308 Upper Receiver, current owners of high-end rifles such as LMT® / KAC™ / La Rue™ / Les Baer™ and Armalite™ now have the option to change the configuration of their rifle to meet their needs. Whether the shooter wishes to re-configure for competitive shooting, Hunting, or set up a Long Range Precision Rifle…without having to purchase a complete new rifle. The Genesis option provides a significant cost savings option for the individual.

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