Magpul PRS Differences – What makes the MAGPUL PRS AR10 different?

Magpul PRS Differences – I get this question often as the answer is not obvious until someone points it out or you own both and perform a side by side comparison like I am performing here.

Think about this, the .308 action is longer and requires a longer stroke to operate than the 5.56/223 based AR-15. This results in a charging handle that must travel much further to the rear to fully cycle then that of an AR-15. Based on the extra length required to cycle the charging handle a situation occurs where the PRS AR15 adjustable cheek piece if raised would interfere with the charging handle on a .308 rifle.

You will notice in the images below I have placed a red outline around the area of difference. Notice where the adjustable cheek piece ends relative to the sling attachment point. The Magpul PRS AR15 cheek piece end just about inline with where the sling attachment point starts. The Magpul PRS AR10 cheek piece ends well short of the sling attachment point.

Difference between Magpul PRs AR15 and Magpul PRS AR10

The image below is that of the Magpul PRS AR15 buttstock. Notice the angles on the pieces as well as the overall length oh the cheek piece. Then look at the image below.

Magpul PRS AR15 Stock

The image below is of the Magpul PRS AR10. Notice the cheek piece and stock do not have the angles as in the AR15 version. Also notice the overall length of the adjustable cheek piece is much shorter.

Magpul PRS AR10 Stock

Its also worth noting that the Magpul PRS AR10 works without issue on an AR-15

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