Can you use an AR15 Trigger In a AR-10?

Can I use an AR-15 Trigger In an AR-10/308 AR. Picture comparing a Pact ATC AR Gold and Pact SR Gold

AR-15 Trigger In a AR-10/308 AR?

AR15 Trigger In a AR-10:

One of the most common questions we get on the forum or facebook is “CAN I USE AN AR15 TRIGGER IN A AR-10 or 308AR?“. Well the answer is not black and white. Most AR15 triggers will in fact physically fit and function in a current AR-10 and 308AR rifle. However the reason  AR-10 and 308 AR specific triggers exist is for one main reason, military primers. The primers in military ammo often require more energy to ignite the primer than .223/5.56 ammunition. The way they extra energy is achieved with a heavier hammer and a more powerful hammer spring. If you look closely at the picture above you can see that Pact in their AR Gold and SR Gold Triggers increases the height of the hammer slightly to gain the extra mass.

AR15 Trigger In a AR-10:

There are many shooters successfully using AR-15 TRIGGERS in their AR-10 and 308 AR rifles however the risk is reliability. Our suggestion is always utilize a trigger that is specifically stated by the manufacturer to work in a AR-10 and 308AR rifle. There is typically no cost difference unless you want to utilize the least expensive triggers or a AR-15 TRIGGER with a TRIGGER JOB. In either of those cases I would have to ask why bother? Remember a quality trigger is the single best improvement you can make to any AR 10 and 308AR rifle. Skimp elsewhere.

AR15 Trigger In a AR-10

Trigger Suggestions:

AR15 Trigger In an AR-10