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Link To Our Premiere Sites

  • is a stripped-down version of this site specifically dealing with updated 308 AR and AR-10 compatibility. 03-01-2019
  • 308 AR is the ultimate blog dedicated to promoting and understanding the Armalite AR-10, DPMS LR-308, DPMS GII, 308 AR, AR 308, LAR 308 weapon platforms
  • 308 AR Online Community – This is the companion forum to If you have a question or review about the 308 AR, AR-10 rifle this is the place to ask. It is also one of the most friendly and humorous forums you will visit.
  • is a premier modern blog devoted to cutting-edge AR-15 rifles and pistols. specializes in handgun caliber AR-15’s chambered in 9mm, 40 Smith & Wesson, and 45acp. It is also the most thorough source for .22LR Conversions for the AR-15 and clones. A few sample Projects, 300 AAC BLACKOUT AR15, 9mm AR15,
  • is all about the future of bolt action rifles for snipers, hunters, and target shooters. Modular Rifle is dedicated to promoting and educating shooters about modular rifle chassis systems and their associated components.  If you want to build a Remington 700 Sniper Rifle Modular Rifle, Build a Remage or read a review on the Savage Precision rifle Modular Rifle is your best information resource. MDT TAC21 20 inch Suppressed Modular Rifle,
  • In a world dominated by the AR-15 weapon platform Combat Rifle is a little different. It’s a website as its name implies dedicated to all forms of “Combat Rifle” (handguns too). If you seek information and pictures on the AK47, FN FS2000, Bushmaster ACR, Remington ACR, Sniper Rifles, Combat, and Defensive Shotguns, Remington 700 Sniper Rifles, etc check out the site.
  • is somewhat of a mirror of 308 AR. The emphasis is reversed. By reversed I mean AR308. The site doesn’t get updated as frequently as it’s sibling but it’s still worth a trip.
  • Rimfire World is an up and comer website. it is the replacement site for Rimfire World is all about the .22lr cartridge and the rifles and pistols that shoot. The emphasis though is on modern .22’s and .22 conversions for rifles and pistols. Here are a few project examples. Custom S&W Model 41,
  • Rimfire World Forum is the companion forum to the Rimfire World website.
  • The Informed Prepper blog takes me down the path of a common-sense approach to being prepared for natural and man-made events that make life temporarily uncomfortable.
  • Maintenance Blog – I decided to combine my 30 years of maintenance management skills and love of tools to create the “Maintenance Blog”

Infrequently Updated Websites

These sites see fewer updates due to the success of the sites listed above. There is some great content regardless

  • Black Rifle is a mostly AR-15 website but it is not exclusive. It serves as a testbed for new sites and content
  • Tactical 1911 is all about the venerable Colt 1911 and its clones. The content emphasizes on customizing the 1911 pistol.
  • 1022 Ruger is all Ruger 10-22 all the time. The 10-22 is the most popular semi-automatic .22 rifle in the USA. It deserves its own home on the web. Like the other sites 10 22 Ruger also heavily focuses on custom upgrades. In fact, there’s a KIDD INNOVATIVE DESIGN 10/22 rifle project that does not use a single Ruger part.
  • Tactical Handgun is exactly as its name implies. If your a fan of the Para Ordnance P12, Browning High Power, FN FNP 45, Kimber Tactical Entry II, Glock 22, Sig Sauer P226 Elite this website is for you. If you are into Kramer or Blackhawk Holsters we talk about that too.

Sites We Like

  • Pixelhiker – Hiking, Mountain biking, and general outdoors blog. Follow my exploits as I photograph my way outdoors.
  • Solved that! – A blog for solving unusual problems in life
  • Practical Bike – A website devoted to mountain biking and cycling at a non-professional level.
  • DSLRPRO – DSLR Pro is a photography website about taking real-world pictures with minimal edits and almost no photoshop

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