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Our Privacy Policy

Operating a popular website and forum is a very expensive endeavor. There are server costs, technical support costs, software and licensing costs etc. To pay these costs we must rely on donations, sponsors and advertisers. Today money is very difficult get for nothing. In the case of sponsors and advertisers they like to know there money is being spent wisely. The way we prove we are worthy of their money is to track traffic and prove results. To effectively provide these advertisers and sponsors with proof of performance tracking cookies are used. These cookies simply tell the sponsor/advertiser that you visited their site by clicking a link, image or banner advertisement.


Because we take your personal privacy very seriously we have implemented SSL on the site. You probably have seen SSL at online stores and financial institutions. SSL is an acronym for “Secure Socket Layer”. The use of SSL is to provide visitors a secure encrypted browsing session between your browser and our server. This is to prevent anyone from intercepting your personal data such as username and password when logging in.

Thank You

We are very appreciative of visitors who use our links to advertisers. Without these clicks and sales generated from them we would cease to operate.

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