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Cadex Defence the folks who developed the Remington XM2010 sniper rifle, and their own line of sniper rifles and chassis also offer up their own AR-10 B compatible lower receiver the Cadex Defence CDX-10.

Cadex Defence CDX-10

Cadex Defence CDX-10 AR10 lower receiver is manufactured to fit Armalite and Noveske upper receiver assemblies. It is precision machined from aeronautic grade 7075-T6 aluminum to provide the user with a high quality lower receiver for their AR-10 B rifle.

  • Interchangeable with high quality AR 10 (B series only) parts.
  • The magazine well opening is extended with a large bevel that provides a guide for easier magazine insertion.
  • Machined ribs at the front of the magazine well for a secure grip.
  • Oversized trigger guard.


The CDX-10 WILL NOT WORK WITH DPMS 308/AR 308 UPPERS. It is truly AR-10 compatible.

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Dimensions: 2.43″ x 4.34″ x 8.96″
4.06 cm x 11.03 cm x 22.77 cm
Weight: 0.741 lbs
336.32 Grams
Material 7075-T6 Aluminum



The Mega Arms MATEN 308 Receiver Set has long been my favorite 308 AR upper/lower combo. It’s precisely made, impeccably finished and looks great. The Mega MATEN is still my “Go To” receivers for 308 AR rifle builds. The MKM is Mega Arms latest incarnation of the MATEN and includes a proprietary and clever barrel and keymod handguard retention system. (There is also a MEGA Arms MML which is the Magpul M-LOK version)


MEGA ARMS MATEN 308 MKM RECEIVER SET (MKM = Mega KeyMod) Two Piece Upper & Lower Receiver Set provides a unique look and functionally unlike any other.  Upper receiver includes leveling system, to ensure maximum accuracy at extended ranges.  Includes two steel QD sockets on each side of the upper.  Handguard is compatible with standard Keymod accessories. Lower Receiver features an integrated trigger guard, tensioning screw and enlarged & flared magwell.  Lug angle at the shell deflector has been optimized for proper ejection.  Set includes billet charging handle.  Lower Receiver includes ambidextrous bolt release, for easy manipulation with the index finger.  Machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and finished with a matte black anodized finish. Includes upper, ejection port cover, one extended rifle length (14″) keymod rail, barrel nut & barrel nut wrench.

SPECS: Fits – DPMS pattern 308 parts. Upper & Lower are not compatible with DPMS pattern uppers or lower receivers.  Can only be used with MATEN receivers.  Construction – 7075-T6 aluminum.  Finish – Matte black hard anodized.  Weight – 43.8oz.

MKM-4420-HA-SA (Rifle Length) M.S.R.P. $883
MKM-5520-HA-SA (Extended Rifle Length) M.S.R.P. $914

MEGA ARMS MATEN 308 MKM Barrel Installation Instructions

MEGA ARMS MATEN 308 MKM Barrel Installation Instructions

Download the MEGA ARMS MATEN 308 MKM Barrel Installation Instructions or view them below

MEGA ARMS MATEN 308 MKM Barrel Installation Instructions

Official Armalite AR-10 Lower Receivers | AR-10A | AR-10B

These are the Official Armalite AR-10 Lower Receivers. AR-10 is the registered trademark owned by Armalite to prove it. No other firearm is an AR-10 no other manufacturers weapon should be referred to as  an AR-10. Armalite is the only AR-10® period. Referring to any other brand 308 AR as an AR-10 only adds to the confusion of the platforms

Armalite AR-10 Lower Receivers!

Armalite AR-10 Series “A” Lower Receivers can utilize Magpul LR 308 PMAG Magazines as well as other DPMS LR-308 compatible magazines!

Armalite AR-10 Series “B” Lower Receivers utilize Armalite proprietary magazines originally derived from M14 magazines!

As if the 308 AR versus AR-10® platform debate isn’t confusing enough Armalite brings confusion to their own platform. Armalite AR-10 lowers are available in two styles. The original AR-10 A series and the AR-10 B series.

Why does Armalite offer two different AR-10 lowers? Original Armalite “waffle”  magazines are actually the basis of DPMS LR-308 and KAC SR-25 magazines. During the 1994 Bill Clinton Assault Weapon Armalite decided to switch designs to the modified M14 magazines to ensure customers would have an ample supply of 308 magazines.

Armalite AR-10 Lowers

Armalite AR-10 lowers will not win any beauty contests but when you buy authentic AR 10 lowers you are buying battle tested hardware that has withstood the test of time. That’s more than most other 308 AR manufacturers can say. The Armalite AR-10 is the real deal.


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Official Armalite AR-10 Lower Receivers | AR10A vs AR10B

Aero Precision M5E1 Desert MAD Dragon 308 AR Builder Set

Aero Precision M5E1 Desert MAD Dragon 308 AR Builder Set

Aero Precision M5E1 Desert MAD Dragon 308 AR Builder Set, Product Sku: APPG308004 – The Aero Precision May Builder Set features an M5E1 set with a Desert MAD Dragon Cerakote finish. These sets are hand finished by MAD Custom Coating.

This package deal includes the finished pieces you need to assemble your own Desert MAD Dragon Cerakote M5E1 Rifle, including an M5E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver, 308 AR Generation 2 Lower Receiver, Generation 2 Enhanced Handguard of choice and Billet Trigger Guard all finished in Desert MAD Dragon Cerakote. Stand out at the range with a unique and eye catching build. This is a one time offer for this finish – once they are gone, they are gone!

Aero Precision M5E1 Desert MAD Dragon 308 AR Builder Set Includes:

  • M5E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver finished in Desert MAD Dragon Cerakote. Upper receiver is assembled and includes the forward assist, dust cover and barrel nut.
  • 308 AR Gen 2 Stripped Lower Receiver finished in Desert MAD Dragon Cerakote
  • 15″ Enhanced Gen 2 KeyMod or M-LOK Handguard finished in Desert MAD Dragon Cerakote
  • Billet Trigger Guard in Desert MAD Dragon Cerakote

Finish this build off with a matching stock and grip. These accessory pieces are available in a very limited quantity.

This May Builder Set is also available for the M4E1 (AR 15) platform.



Side view of a DMPS LR-308 stripped lower receiver and a CMMG AR15 stripped lower receiver. BUY 308 AR LOWER RECEIVERS NOW

DPMS 308 LOWER above a CMMG AR 15 Lower

A gun owner does not need to be a genius to understand what is at risk with the upcoming presidential election. Hillary Clinton’s gun control position is well known. If elected she no doubt has the perfect timing and opportunity to devastate or Second Amendment and god given right. She no doubt will appoint a Superior Court Justice that will severely tip the vote more anti-gun liberal than it is now. Donald Trump is something altogether something different and an unknown. We do know despite coming out very pro gun he is also a New York Republican. That should not be underestimated. Learn from past mistakes and  buy 308 AR Lower Receivers Now.

I have lived in a state that had an assault weapons ban before the federal assault weapons ban of 1994. This state implemented further restrictions after the Sandy Hook shootings.

Why should I buy 308 AR Lower Receivers?

Why should I buy 308 AR Lower Receivers? There are a few answers to this question.

  • 308 AR Lower Availability – 308  Lowers stop being sold as separate parts as supplies dwindle. This is because firearms manufacturers need to commit inventory to complete rifles. This is simple economics
  • 308 AR Lower Cost –  The 308 AR Lower Receiver is the “Registered” part of the gun. Individual 308 Lowers are much cheaper to purchase than a complete 308 AR Rifle. In fact you can probably buy a lifetime supply of 308 Lowers for the cost of one complete 308 AR Rifle.
  • Grandfathered Firearms –   This detail is very important. Historically when gun laws change what a shooter currently owns with be “grandfathered” Meaning what you currently own you can do what you wish with to some degree. Gun law changes typically begin with new purchases with limited or minor changes to existing guns. Bottom line it’s better to own “Something” rather than “Nothing”

What 308 AR Lower Receivers Should I Buy?

While the choice of which 308 AR Lower Receivers to buy is personal preference I will attempt make a few points to consider before buy. In my opinion it’s best to buy 308 lowers that are as DPMS 308 compatible as possible (Not DPMS G2). Avoid the designs that use unique Bolt Carriers, Safety Selectors and Barrel Extensions. The DPMS 308 AR Upper and 308 AR lower are the most copied receiver profiles. This fact makes the style pretty interchangeable. If you are considering a 308 AR Lower that is somewhat unique in profile it would also be a great idea to buy the matching upper receiver at the same time.


Below are links to 308 AR Receivers mostly at Brownells. Keep a watchful eye on the Aero Precision Website. They are expecting to be caught up with the 308 rifle backlog very soon. Don’t forget to visit your local gun shop. Often they have overpriced but available stock. Look for gun shops that specialize in AR Rifles and Silencers.



Aero Precision M5 308AR Stripped Lower Receiver

Aero Precision M5 AR 308 Stripped Lower Receiver

Aero Precision M5 308 AR Stripped Lower Receiver

The Aero Precision M5 308 AR Stripped Lower Receiver helps you build a big-bore AR from the ground up. Mil-spec dimensions and coating ensure the highest quality and correct component interface.


  • Works with standard DPMS 308 components and magazines
  • Upper Tension Screw – Allows users to fine tune the fit of the upper and lower receiver through the use of a nylon tipped tensioning set screw inserted in the grip tang of the lower receiver.
  • Rear takedown pin detent hole is threaded for a 4-40 set screw
  • Bolt catch is threaded for a screw pin (no roll pin needed)
  • Integrated trigger guard
  • Selector markings will work with 45, 60 or 90 degree safety selectors
  • Accepts Battle Arms Development short throw safety selectors, but will work with any standard selector
  • No gap with aftermarket pistol grips


  • Stripped M5 (.308) Lower Receiver in Anodized Black
  • Nylon tipped tensioning set screw


  • Platform M5 (.308)
  • Material Machined from 7075-T6 forged aluminum
  • Finish Anodized Black
  • Markings “Cal Multi”
  • Compatibility Works with standard DPMS 308 components and magazines
  • Weight 12.2oz
  • Other Includes upper tension screw

Aero Precision M5 308AR Stripped Lower Receiver








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