Reloading Dies 308 Winchester – If you are looking at reloading as a way to shoot more ammunition for less money FORGET ABOUT IT. Reloading ammunition is a hobby unto itself. Much like your quest to improve your favorite AR-10 or buy one more AR15 rifle the search never ends. Reloading is no different that’s a topic for another day. You’ve been warned! 🙂 On to the topic of this page “RELOADING DIES 308 WINCHESTER”. I spent many years reloading .223, .308, .45acp, .357 Magnum, 32H&R Magnum, 22-250, 40 S&W and 9mm Parabellum.

Dillon Precision 308 Winchester Three Carbide Die Set 10793

Dillon Precision 10793 Carbide Three Die Set 308 Winchester

DILLON PRECISION – Dillon Precision 10793 Carbide 3 Three Die Set 308 Win Winchester

Dillon Precision was the fist reloading equipment manufacturer to recognize the need for specialized die sets for AR-10, 308 AR and AR15 reloaders and shooter. Dillon Precisions 10793 Carbide 3 Three Die Set 308 Win Winchester is a little different than the other brands. Dillon omits a method of locking the lock nut to the die body. This is because Dillon expects you to use there presses with interchangeable tooling plates. That’s a money maker for them. They don’t want you swapping dies. Also despite outward appearances these dies are premium quality. Maybe not to the level of Redding but they are great in the areas that matter. I used the Dillon Dies before Redding had an AR-10, 308AR and AR15 specific set. Dillon Three-Die Rifle Die Sets include a sizing/ depriming die, a bullet seating die and a taper crimp die. Sizing/Depriming Die The sizing/depriming die is full-length, to minimum tolerances, sizing cases down to function in semi- and full-automatic firearms. We strongly suggest that a headspace case gage be used to correctly adjust the size die. For high volume users, such as commercial reloaders, law enforcement agencies, and high power or service rifle competitors, we also offer .223 and .308 die sets with a full-length carbide sizing die. Lubrication is still required, but the increased scratch resistance and die longevity of carbide are of great benefit to these groups of users. The depriming assembly includes a carbide expander ball for “squeak-free,” effortless neck expansion. This expander ball is located in the middle of the depriming stem to take advantage of superior initial leverage for easier extraction. In the event of a stuck case, the design of the depriming assembly allows it to function as a stuck case remover. Bullet Seating Die Our bullet seating die is internally designed to keep the bullet straight throughout the seating process. Once properly adjusted, the only measurable runout will be that which is inherent in the bullet. Taper Crimp Die The taper crimp die is also specially configured to center both the case neck and the case body, thereby aligning the entire cartridge for a more uniform crimp. Dillon Rifle Dies are designed to meet the more rigid requirements for both accuracy and precision demanded by today’s marksman. A taper crimp die is preferred for loading ammunition intended to be used in semiautomatic firearms with detachable box magazines, and in lever-action firearms with tubular magazines.

FORSTER HORNADY LEE Lee has been around for a long time. Lee is the gateway drug for reloaders. Lee has the distinction of being the lowest cost dies available. That low cost comes at a price


Redding National Match Die Set, 308 Win Mfr Part: 39155

Redding National Match Die Set, 308 Win Mfr Part: 39155

REDDINGRedding National Match Die Set, 308 Win Mfr Part: 39155 Without question or hesitation REDDING is my reloading die set of choice. Their precision, workmanship and quality are second to none. The only downside is cost. Premium quality comes at a premium price. When shopping for reloading supplies in a gun shop do yourself a favor and compare a set of Redding dies to any other brand. Feel the weight difference, examine the interior polish, turn the adjustments and locking collars. These differences are beneficial to the reloading process.

The success of our specialized National Match Die Sets has created the demand for us to offer additional options beyond the limits of sanctioned cartridges to meet the needs of other precision oriented AR platform shooters. The name change (NM-C) indicates that all of our National Match Die Sets are now supplied with carbide size buttons. The sets include: a full length Sizing Die with carbide size button, the Competition Bullet Seating Die and a  taper Crimp Die.


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