American Spirit Arms

American Spirit Arms logoAmerican Spirit Arms is a leading US manufacturer of precision firearms, offering the highest quality parts, accessories and complete rifles. Modeled after the AR15 ®, M16 rifle ® and M4 carbine, American Spirit Arms builds only the finest components and rifles available today.  We manufacture our products in-house at our facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, and this provides an incredibly high standard of quality and design.  Our vast experience in machining, gives us the edge in order to build the best firearm components and offer the most reliable, accurate and overall superior rifles.

With our products being used by government agencies, law enforcement and military worldwide, we know how important they are to the people who use them.  We pride ourselves on building high quality, accurate and reliable firearms and components that can be counted on to perform in the most demanding conditions and extreme situations.  Whether you want a firearm for home defense, target shooting, hunting or competition, if it carries the American Spirit Arms name, you can trust that it’s a quality product that won’t let you down.