Bushmaster 308 ORC 308AR AR-10 AR308

Bushmaster 308 ORC 308AR

Bushmaster 308AR AR 10 AR308

As of March 8, 2016 we have no information on the current status of Bushmaster 308AR, AR 10 AR308 Weapon Platform. The Bushmaster website resolves to a support site https://support.bushmaster.com/.308 and a dysfunctional catalog.

Update August 21, 2016. The Bushmaster 2016 catalog is now functional. Unfortunately there is absolutely no mention of a .308 Winchester AR (308 AR). I guess it’s a safe assumption that for the time being there will be no Bushmaster branded 308AR/AR-10 Rifle. Perhaps the this is to push shooters to Remington R25 GII and DPMS GII platforms.

We have a forum post here.

Bushmaster 308AR AR 10 AR308 Weapon Platform

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