Can I shoot 308 in an AR 15? Picture comparing a MATEN 308 AR lower receiver with an AR 15 lower receiver

Can I shoot 308 in an AR 15? Picture of a 308AR/AR-10 and AR15 receiver set

Can I shoot 308  in an AR 15? That is still by far the number one question I receive personally from shooters looking for more power and range than the AR15 and any of it’s available calibers are able to deliver. Of course the simple answer is “NO” but humans are curious by nature and we take nothing at face value. We like to know “Why” or in this case “Why cant I shoot 308 in my AR-15?”. I could simply explain that the cartridge is too long for the magazine and action.A .308 proportioned barrel is too large in profile to adapt to an AR-15 receiver etc… BORING…. I thought it far better to take a bunch of pictures and throw them up an a single page. Please by all means share the pictures and the page just give credit and share the link where possible. Enjoy

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Note: This page is referring to .308 Winchester caliber. AR-15 rifles can shoot .308 bullets in a caliber known as .300 Blackout. .300 Blackout utilizes a .223 casing necked for a 30 caliber (.308) bullet

Can I shoot 308  in an AR 15?