DPMS Catalog 2016

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When we founded DPMS Panther Arms three decades ago, our primary mission was to provide precision M-16, M-14 and M203 parts to the U.S. Army. And deliver we did, helping convert their standard-issue rifles into high-performance machines. Since then, our legacy of fearless innovation and limitless customization has continued to grow. Today, we’re the second-largest manufacturer of AR rifles, and proud recipients of five prestigious NRA Golden Bullseye Awards—more than any other MSR brand.

But we’re not stopping there.Above all others, DPMS stands for performance, accuracy and reliability—the result of three decades of never, ever being satisfied with “good enough.” That same spirit of aggressive advancement lead us to create the GII, the bold new standard of MSR, and the forerunner of next-generation AR design.

We’ve come a long way since 1986, and have transformed the industry with every stride forward.
The good news is: We’re just getting started.

The DPMS GII is the collective culmination of decades of experience in the shop, on the range, or in the field, chasing everything from wild game and titles to our nation’s enemies. The GII is all about taking a great product with a great history, and applying the best R&D methods to improve it. Making it simply the most advanced, most versatile and reliable AR platform you can buy. Some other manufacturers are content with imitating, and might have stopped with a new forged receiver. But for us, that was just the beginning. We didn’t just
reconfigure another AR. We didn’t just slap together a few aftermarket components or grow an existing rifle to a larger cartridge. We have fundamentally redefined the way the AR works.