JP JPS-OSC.308 308AR Tuned Buffer Spring

JP JPS-OSC.308 308AR Tuned Buffer Spring

JP Enterprises Tuned 308AR Buffer Spring

In the first days of this site John Paul of JP Enterprises was instrumental in passing on very good knowledge of the 308AR platform. Not only was has the company with his name on it been in the game for a long time it has also been building reliable competition rifles when others did not have a weapon on the drawing board. When JP talks I listen

JP has developed a new high grade extra power buffer spring for 308AR AR-10 rifles with collapsible stocks. It is custom made to JP specifications. Center-less ground and polished on outside edge to a mirror finish for silent, smooth operation. 7% more powerful spring rate for improved impulse feel resulting in faster sight recovery and improved reliability. This spring will make your 308AR or AR-10 carbine sound quieter and smoother. This is an inexpensive way to improve the sound, feel and reliability of your 308AR or AR-10 carbine. The length and power of this spring falls between a factory standard power spring and a Sprinco .308 carbine extra power spring.

Precision centerless ground and polished operating springs offer a smoother and quieter operation in AR buffer tubes. Improved impulse feel results in faster sight recovery and improved reliability.

*Designed for .308/7.62mm AR style carbines with M4 length, 7″ deep buffer tubes and 2.5″ buffers.
Note JP also recommends this buffer spring for 9mm AR15 rifles
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