Luth AR MBA Stock

Luth AR MBA Stock 308AR

Luth AR MBA Stock 308AR

Luth AR MBA Stock FDE 308 AR DPMS 308 Stock

Luth AR MBA Stock FDE 308 AR


At one of our sister websites MODULARRIFLE.COM there is a project to build a Remington 700 based MDT TAC21 rifle. Part of the process was to select a buttstock, something lighter than a MAGPUL PRS. One of the candidates that came in to view was Luth AR MBA Stock. The Luth AR MBA Stock appears to be in appearances, not construction or materials, an inexpensive skeletonized version of the MAGPUL PRS. I think it’s a great concept and initial reviews on the web are pretty decent. Magpul should take notice.

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Product Description

  • Fully adjustable: extra 1″ height on cheek rest, additional 1 1/16″ length of pull with extended length buttplate
  • Approximately half the weight of competitors’ adjustable stocks The “MBA” weighs just 1.26 lbs.
  • Easy to replace and quick to install
  • Fits all .223 and most .308 AR style rifles
  • Super Strong Glass Filled Nylon
  • Weight 2 Pounds


  • Modular buttstock assembly for the AR
  • Interchangeable with standard A1 or A2 buttstocks or any aftermarket buttstock with overall length of approximately 10.5″
  • Length: 10 3/8″ ( 11.5″ extended )
  • Sling swivels not included
  • Not interchangeable with carbine rifles with telescoping assemblies.
  • Fully Ambidextrous and can be comfortably used shooting off either shoulder (Cheek piece pre-installed for right handed shooters but can be installed on either side for right or left hand shooters)

Luth AR MBA Stock 308AR Stock