Introducing the TacOps-1 Ambidextrous Charging Handle.

ambidextrous charging handle tacops1

June 20,2011 – Over the course of a few weeks I received several e-mail messages from folks in the field regarding the MECHARMOR TacOps-1 AMBIDEXTROUS CHARGING HANDLE. All were eager to point out two things. The first was that my site featured images from an early out of date version and secondly that I must try one of these CHARGING HANDLES for myself. In an odd twist before I was able to update my sites with current information on the TacOps-1 I was contacted by the manufacturer Mecharmor Defense. After a brief e-mail exchange I agreed to check out two samples of the TacOps-1, AR-15, and 308 AR versions. A few days later the mailperson delivered shockingly wonderful charging handle goodness. The TacOps-1 is a perfect example of internet images not doing a product justice. The TacOps-1 is massive to put it mildly. Below is an image of a BCM GUNFIGHTER Mod 3, TacOps-1, and Colt OEM AR-15 Charging handles (308 is the same just longer).

Charging Handle Comparison

On paper the Gunfighter Mod 3 is slightly wider than the TacOps-1. My examples show they are identical in width as shown in the image below.

tacops-1 bcm gunfighter

Manufacturers Description:

Mecharmor -The all new TacOps-1 charging handle is the newest and most effective ACTUAL combat innovation that has been designed specifically for the AR platform in some time. Not just another accessory; but a well thought out concept that dramatically changes and enhances the way your weapon is deployed, especially with optics on-board!

All users of the AR platform, especially those utilizing their weapon in combat or law enforcement operations know, that re-charging the weapon in any position, dictates the shooter come out of their Eyes On-Sight, High Ready, off hand or prone position to do so, wasting precious moments to reload or clear a weapon jam, while removing their eyes & situational awareness from potential threats. This issue has always been compounded greatly by the use of optics, especially those extending rearward over the charging handle, even a short distance. The TacOps-1 completely changes all this, adding speed, safety and operator assurance through faster, smoother handling of the weapon, and less body movement.

  • Sniper Ops: ONLY design that allows fast access with larger optics.
  • Cycle bolt in hidden prone position with minimal body movement.
  • High ready position; eyes & weapon on target during CQB operations.
  • Eyes & weapon on target during reload and jam clearing.
  • Ambidextrous design for traditional manipulation of handle if required.
  • Center thumb release button for more natural mechanical advantage.
  • Clear all optics and allow for lowest rearward mounting position.
  • Ergonomically correct for use with single point slings.
  • CNC manufactured from 7075 Billet aluminum with matt black anodize.
  • Manufactured in an ISO -9000 rated facility for maximum quality.
  • Designed and tested by former US Army Ranger Battalion Sniper.
  • 30% larger roll pin & 7 pound spring to reduce potential blow-back.
  • 100% American made from 7075 billet aluminum.