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Picture of a Precision Armament M41 AR 308 Muzzle Brake mounted on a 308 AR Rifle Barrel

Precision Armament M41 308 AR Muzzle Brake

The Precision Armament M41Muzzle Brake may not have the “tactical” or “aggressive” look that many 308 AR rifle shooters seem to prefer today. What this muzzle brake does have to offer is proven performance in the field and that is what really matters. Most Precision Armament M41owners are shocked at how well this muzzle brake reduces felt recoil on the .308 Winchester and .300 Winchester Magnum calibers. You can read many reviews of the Precision Armament M41 muzzle brake at the “learn more” button below.

A few items of interest to note. This muzzle brake like many others needs to be timed to the barrel. That simply means the muzzle brake has a very specific horizontal orientation. This is so the blast goes away from the shooter and not towards the ground. Simply tightening the muzzle brake to the barrel will result in a random orientation. The use of a crush washer or Rocksett thread locker are the best methods to achieve proper orientation. The crush washer is the easiest method but least attractive. The Rocksett is the best solution. This is the same method used with muzzle brakes and flash hiders with silencers and sound suppressors. (see below) To avoid damaging the muzzle brake finish Precision Armament suggests using a spanner wrench which they offer. (see below)

We will be using the Precision Armament M41 sibling the M11 308 Muzzle Brake on the 6.5 Creedmoor Long Range Sniper Rifle at our Modular Rifle Site. There’s also some discussion on the forum

Precision Armament M41 AR 308 Muzzle Brake Specification Sheet

Precision Armament M41 AR 308 Muzzle Brake Specification Sheet

Precision Armament M41 AR 308 Muzzle Brake Installation Guide

Precision Armament M41 AR 308 Muzzle Brake Installation Guide

Precision Armament M41 Severe Duty AR 308 Muzzle Brake

Three large axisymmetric baffles, each featuring five helical ports, redirect a massive volume of gas away from the bore axis in a counter-clockwise radial direction. This not only provides maximum recoil reduction but also reduces the torsional recoil force associated with heavy bullets and fast twist rates. High tolerance class-3 threads machined in same operation as bore aperture ensures perfect concentricity; this combined with a progressively decreasing baffle thickness and maximized venting area significantly reduce bullet flight disturbance resulting in less yaw, higher BC, and improved accuracy. Computer FEA optimized for maximum strength to weight ratio and impact survivability. Precision CNC machined from high strength HTSR 400-series stainless steel bar for superior heat and corrosion resistance. Offered in either an ultra wear resistant DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) matte black finish, or stainless steel in-the-white, matte finish.

This muzzle brake is designed to fit 5/8-24 threaded barrels and can also be modified by a qualified gunsmith to fit larger thread diameters (up to 3/4″ or 18mm).

Available in three calibers:

  • 6.5mm / .264 Caliber (for use on rifles .22-.264 caliber)
  • 7.62mm / .308 Caliber (for use on rifles .264-.308 caliber)
  • 8.6mm / .338 Caliber (for use on rifles .308-.338 caliber)

Precision Armament M41 AR 308 Muzzle Brake Specifications

  • Material: HTSR 416 stainless steel bar, HRC 26-32
  • Finish: DLC matte black finish – or – Stainless steel in the white, matte finish
  • Thread: 5/8-24 TPI
  • Length: 2.750″
  • Diameter: 1.3125″
  • Dia at Barrel: 0.925″
  • Weight: 5.3 oz.