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WITT MRE | Muzzle Rise Eliminator | WITT 308 MRE | WITT MRE30

We are pleased to announce the first of several new site sponsors, Witt Machine. Witt Machine manufacturers a unique line of muzzle brakes, flash hiders and sound suppressors for AR 15, 308 AR, AK, Mosin and SKS Rifles.

The MRE30, Muzzle Rise Eliminator is the new line of Witt Machine  AR 10 308 AR muzzle brakes. The MRE30 Muzzle Rise Eliminator has been independently tested to essentially eliminate muzzle rise for follow up shots. This brake WILL keep the barrel down during repeated firing. These are made from 416 stainless bar stock and Cerakote coating is available.

Witt Machine MRE30 Muzzle Rise Eliminator

******These are the brakes that we took to Industry day at the SHOT Show this year. The reviews were fantastic. The target dot on an AR with a red dot optic can be held on the target through rapid firing. As one media guy put it, “This is amazing, the sights just sit there!”******

These are threaded 5/8-24, 9/16-24, and M14-1 LH and bored for any caliber. For Custom threads / calibers Witt Machine an e-mail.