308AR AR15 AR-10 Roll Pin Tools

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AR 308 AR-15 AR-10 Roll Pin Tools

308AR AR15 AR-10 Roll Pin Tools – One of my pet peeves from folks who assemble their own AR15 AR-10 308 AR rifles is the sloppy installation of the various roll pins the rifles require. In all fairness there are a few roll pins that present a challenge to the inexperienced and experienced alike. The BOLT CATCH ROLL PIN comes to mind as does the FORWARD ASSIST ROLL PIN. The BOLT CATCH ROLL PIN is positioned quite close to the body of the LOWER RECEIVER and requires a ROLL PIN PUNCH to have a flat side to properly install.

I have searched the internet shooting forums and websites as well polled user of my own forums for a better way to install roll pins. In that search I found some creative approaches but nothing that worked any better than my own approach of taping a ROLL PIN to a ROLL PIN PUNCH. Well that was then this is now. Brownells offers a ROLL PIN STARTER SET they refer to as ROLL PIN HOLDERS. The pins are available individually or as a set for just under $50. I opted for the set.


The roll pin holders are genius.  As seen in the image above the ROLL PIN HOLDERS are simply a punch that has a hollow tip the diameter of a given roll pin.  Place the ROLL PIN in the correct ROLL PIN PUNCH HOLDER and with a plastic faced or brass hammer carefully tap in the ROLL PIN.  To prevent damage to the the WEAPON stop hammering before the ROLL PIN HOLDER contacts the part that accepting the ROLL PIN. At that point switch to a regular ROLL PIN PUNCH, the type with a half round nose and finish driving the ROLL PIN flush.


  1. Cover any part of your weapon with masking tape followed by duct tape in an area that could be damaged from ROLL PIN INSTALLATION. The masking tape serves as a great protector for your weapon. The underlying masking tape makes duct tape removal a simple process.
  2. Grease – I like to apply a small amount of grease in the ROLL PIN HOLE to help with proper installation. I also add a small amount of grease to the inside of the ROLL PIN HOLDER to help prevent the ROLL PIN from falling out and getting lost should I have a brain lapse.
  3. For finishing the BOLT CATCH ROLL PIN INSTALLATION I suggest the BOLT CATCH PIN PUNCH from Brownells. It is almost entirely flat on one side making installing the BOLT CATCH ROLL PIN the rest of the way a breeze.
Picture of a Brownells Roll Pin Holder Set

Brownells Roll Pin Holder Set

Hollow-Ended “Starter” Punches For Roll Pins

The Brownells Roll Pin Holder Set holds roll pins perfectly aligned for starting correctly. Especially good on the tiny, tough-to-grab ones, or those in tight places. 1/16″ is notched to clear M16/AR-15 rear sight. 3.5mm excellent for holding the pin that retains the breech block on Sig handguns. Finish driving with roll pin punch. O/A in chart means “Overall”. Available individually or as a set of 5.

Picture of Brownells Bolt Catch Pin Punch

Brownells Bolt Catch Pin Punch

The Brownells Bolt Catch Pin Punch is a specially made, slab-sided punch clears left side of the magazine well allowing bolt catch pivot pin to be removed by driving it to the rear.