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Are We Still Answering Rifle Questions? YES!

A few months ago we moved to a new more powerful server. life was good, almost. Unknown to us at the time our new server was assigned an ip address once globally blacklisted as a spammer. As a result many of our replies to questions were returned as undelivered. This was quite frustrating because replies take time. It was a waste of valuable time.

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Typically when an ip address is flagged for spam there are mechanisms available to clear up the matter. We spent a lot of time trying to get our ip removed from all the blacklists. We were moderately successful. We were however never able to get everything cleared up. The most problematic email addresses were from Microsoft and the At&t family of email addresses. The result is half the population of shooters with free email accounts was not getting our replies. This outcome is very frustrating to put it mildly.

Today is a New Day and a New Server

Today November 17, 2016 I am pleased to report that this site as well as all of our others are on a brand new server. Our new server has better optimization for the software we run. The new server contains 4 cpu processors and 300gb SSD’s (solid state drives). More important than the specs though is our brand new server includes two new ip addresses.  The result will be a better user experience and equally important improved email. We are hopeful the emails will make it to their recipients.