Virtually impervious to weather, nicks, dings or scratches, and up to 30% lighter and 300% stiffer than equivalent weight steel AR barrels, PROOF Research 308 AR carbon fiber barrels open up new possibilities in AR 308 performance.

PROOF Research 308 AR Carbon Fiber Barrels

At PROOF Research we’re proving AR 308 carbon fiber wrapped rifle barrels aren’t just a lightweight alternative to traditional steel rifle barrels, but that they provide superior performance, including extreme accuracy, unprecedented durability and increased barrel life. By combining our unique manufacturing process with advanced technology composite materials and thermo-mechanical design principles, we’ve accomplished what others have failed to do in the past—match-grade carbon fiber rifle barrels that weigh a fraction of traditional steel rifle barrels while compromising nothing. They’re not just lighter—they’re better.

  • These carbon fiber-wrapped barrels provide a high-end alternative to traditional barrels while still maintaining extreme accuracy, performance and durability.
  • Match-grade accuracy
  • Improved heat dissipation for cooler and longer lasting barrels
  • No point-of-impact shift during high-volume fire
  • Reduced harmonic barrel vibration
  • More about The Science behind there process here:

Proof Research builds PR (308 AR, AR 308 barrels) with standard DPMS (TM) compatible barrel extensions and gas system lengths. Please check with the manufacturer of your rifle platform to see if these configurations are compatible.

Proof Research Recommends the JP Rifles High Pressure Bolt JPEB-308HP

JP Rifles JPEB-308HP

JP High Pressure EnhancedBolt™ Bolt Assembly
Caliber: .308 Win. caliber
Finish: Chromium Nitride

This bolt assembly is compatible with the JP LRP-07 and the DPMS LR-308 platforms (or clones thereof) only and cannot be used to replace bolts in the Armalite AR-10 platform (or clones thereof). This bolt uses a specialized firing pin that is not compatible with other bolts nor can it use standard .308 firing pins.

WARNING: The JP .308HP bolt does not allow for the use of excessive pressure, overloaded ammunition that exceeds SAAMI specifications. When evaluating new ammunition, always start on the low- to mid-range of any published load data and work up. A good indicator of working pressure is the primer retention on the subsequent loading of a case. A noticeable loss of primer pocket tension indicates that your ammunition has excessive pressure and has overworked the case.

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