Hiperfire PDI Trigger

Hiperfire PDI Drop-In Trigger Single Stage 2 Pound Pull

May 19, 2020 | Trigger

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Picture of a Hiperfire PDI Drop-In Trigger

Hiperfire PDI 2 Pound Power Drop-In Trigger

Power Drop-In Trigger from Hiperfire!

HIPERFIRE’s customer base has clamored for an AR drop-in trigger that features the “feel” and hard-hitting hammers its triggers are known for. Most aftermarket drop-ins are notorious for LPS, light primer strikes. To get the pull weight down, designers have compromised their hammer fall. Not so with the new PDI line of triggers.

Hiperfire PDI Drop-In Trigger

These drop-ins pull at around 2 lbs. and sport HIPERFIRE’s unique HIPERSHOE that now mounts onto a curved bow, not just straight. The hammer strikes surpass SAAMI’s copper crusher spec and hit harder than MIL-spec M4/16 hammers. Wow! The pull? It’s single stage. It’s short, sweet, and smooth as butter. The “feel” is almost transparent to the shooter. To top it all off, no PCC blowback violence can touch it. The PDI versions feature a hammer collision bumper. Its disconnector and disconnector spring are impact and crush protected. Is it just for PCC? No way. It’s just an excellent trigger. Anyone can appreciate it shooting slow, fast, short-range, or for long-range precision, and on the move, it surpasses SAAMI’s rough handling specification.

  • 2 lb Pull
  • MIL-Grade Hammer Strike, No LPS, Ever
  • Titanium-Nitride & H&M BLACKNITRIDE+™ Finishes
  • Exceptionally Smooth Feel
  • Enhanced Corrosion Protection
  • Polished Look
  • PCC Blowback Tough
  • Hammer Collision Bumper
  • Disconnector Crash Protection
  • Disconnector Spring Crush Protection
  • Comes with HIPERSHOE and Anti Walk Pins