Poll-What Are Your Firearm Plans 2019

by | Jan 13, 2019 | Blog | 2 comments

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This April will mark nine years of this websites existence. In that time I do not believe we have ever had a user interactive poll. The poll is a serious question of what 2019 is starting to look like from a political and economic standpoint. The poll also represents the personality of those who are both staff and members of this site and the 308 AR forum. Love us or hate us we are definitely the most colorful shooting forum on the web. 

If you wouldn’t mind please answer up to 5 questions below. This helps us to better understand what is important to you so we can keep our content fresh and relevant. Also please feel free to add your own answers. Naturally humorous answers are welcome but please try to answer a few questions seriously. If you choose not to answer you risk Shepp and Robocop going all Jay and Silent Bob on your butts, and trust me you don’t want those hairy mugs knocking on your door.  

What Are Your Firearm Plans For 2019?
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Please write in your own answers as well. Feel free to add a funny response but please include some real answers. Thanks!