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Apr 16, 2020 | Blog, Brownells Shop

Picture of a Brownells Essentials T-Shirt

Brownells Essential T-Shirts Support Local Charity

So I’m not allowed to wear firearm related clothing to work, that said my Rainier Arms and Larue Tactical lids have gone unrecognized or misunderstood. I’m thinking though with all the office personnel working from home I might be able to sneak these new Brownells shirts under the radar

How quickly life’s priorities change, huh? Barely a month ago, we were thinking about where we were going on Spring Break, eagerly anticipating March Madness, and gearing up for that first Springtime trip to the range. Now, we’re yelling at the kids, “Hey, go easy on that toilet paper!” and social distancing while trying to stay sociable, and wondering if we need few more boxes of ammo. The Brownells “Essentials” t-shirt reflects this sudden shift in priorities. And something else, too. Americans don’t quit. Sometimes a new problem gets a jump on us – at first – until we work together to figure out a solution and kick its ass. Keeping our sense of humor is critical: Anything you can laugh at isn’t really so tough, is it?

The Brownells Essentials T-Shirt is also about helping our neighbors. For most of us, the COVID-19 crisis amounts to some inconvenience and temporary changes to our daily routines. For others, it’s far more serious: sudden job loss and worrying about putting food on the table. Foodbanks all over the country have been hit by an enormous increase in demand.

Let’s work together to help: For EVERY Brownells Essentials T-Shirt we sell, we’ll donate 100% – yes, ALL – of the profits to our neighbors at the Northeast Iowa Food Bank.  Buy a t-shirt, get a souvenir of the Great Pandemic of 2020, AND help those in need. And remember… Wash your hands!