ACCU-TAC LR-10 G2 Bipod Picatinny Mount

Picture of ACCU-TAC LR-10 G2 Bipod

ACCU-TAC LR-10 G2 Bipod - Picatinny Mount

The picatinny mount, generation two Accu-Tac Model LR-10 Bipod has an astounding 13 inch stance retracted and a 16.5 inch stance fully extended. The LR-10 was designed for the large caliber rifles that need the extra stability for their heavier frame.

ACCU-TAC LR-10 Bipod Description

The Accu-Tac LR-10 Bipod with the quick detach was designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA with big caliber gun owners in mind. The LR-10 is 100% billet, made from the highest quality aircraft aluminum available. Its wide stance and ratcheted leg extension gives you the adjustability needed for precision aim and repeatability.

You will feel the stability and security of your rifle as never felt before. The updated G2 model has a longer height extension with a total of 10 notches. The LR-10 G2 has the ability to cant which can be locked with its new throw lever.

The quick detach rail mount is simple, quick, and very secure; it attaches to a 1913 Picatinny rail and mounts in seconds without the need to use extra tools for tightening. Our ratcheted leg extension design allows the shooter to quickly adjust to 10 different heights without having to align each leg equally. The spring loaded leg extension retracts quickly with a one-button retraction lever. 

To engage or adjust leg position, simply pull the spring loaded leg downward to move each leg independently. Leg position can be deployed in a 90 degree, 45 degree position either forwards or backwards, locking securely into 5 positions through a 180 degree arc.

ACCU-TAC LR-10 G2 Bipod

Material6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy
Min. Height7.0” – 177.8mm (Legs at 45°)
Max. Height12.0” – 304.8mm (Legs at 90°)
Min. Stance10.0” – 254mm (Legs at 45°)
Max. Stance17.0” – 431.8mm (Legs at 90°)
ColorFlat Black
CoatingType III- Hard Anodize


Mid-Evil Industries 360 VFG/RFG Quick Detach Mini Tripod

The Mid-Evil Industries 360 VFG/RFG Quick Detach Mini Tripod,( yes I wrote TRIPOD) is designed to be used with the Mid-Evil Industries 360 Vertical Foregrip. The video below states other mounts are coming including picatinny. I haven’t been fond of other foregrip tripods but the Mid-Evil seems to go to a new level. The tripod looks as though it’s roots are of photography origin between the ball head, construction and finish.

What do you think of this tripod? Can it replace your current foregrip bipod or tripod? or even your traditional Atlas, Harris or Magpul bipods?

Picture of Mid-Evil Industries 360 VFG/RFG Quick Detach Mini Tripod

Mid-Evil Industries 360 VFG/RFG Quick Detach Mini Tripod

The 360° VFG QD-TRI POD by Mid-Evil Industries is the next evolution in Quick Detach accessories. This is the 1st ever Quick Detach Mini Tripod (can also be used as a bipod) compatible with and exclusive to the 2nd Generation 360° VFG/RFG (Vertical Fore Grip/Rotating Fore Grip). The adjustment possibilities are almost infinite. Smooth 360 degree rotation and a full tilt function allows you to acquire targets quickly for an accurate shot every time.

The Quick Detach TriPod has a single hand operated lock & unlock mechanism. There’s no button, no twisting – just a simple slide down to release & slide up to lock. It can be set to 3 different angles (20°, 50° & 78°). Just push, click & lock – easy to use. It is constructed of aluminum and has extreme temperature resistance, is sturdy, long lasting and lightweight with a high quality finish.





The Knights Armament Precision Bipod is a highly adjustable bipod with swivel and track capability. Bipod legs can be independently deployed to 6 positions: 0, 45, 67.5, 90, 135, and 180 degrees. Single push-button retention feature allows single-handed mounting and dismounting of the bipod.

Developed to meet the requirements of the US Army CSASS program, the Knights Armament  Precision Bipod is a precision machined, highly adaptive bipod design that offers shooters unprecedented adjustability and control. The KAC Precision Bipod attaches easily and securely to any Mil Std 1913 Picatinny rail surface via a simple push button and locking lug arrangement, and incorporates locking legs that can be independently positioned from 90 to 270 degrees.

Additional features include adjustable leg height from 6.875 to 9.25 inches, removable feet (Atlas foot compatible), adjustable cant, adjustable yaw, and adjustable cant/yaw tension control. Intelligently designed and superbly executed, the KAC Precision Bipod packs a lot of performance into a compact, robust package.





KAC Bipod Features

  • Push Button Attachment/Detachment
  • 5 Position Independent Leg Height Adjustment, From 6.875″ to 9.25″
  • 6 Position Independent Leg Angle Adjustment, From 90 to 270 Degrees
  • Adjustable Cant and Cant Tension, Approx. 45 Degrees
  • Adjustable Yaw and Yaw Tension, Approx. 40 Degrees
  • Removable Feet (Serrated Aluminum Feet Included), Atlas Foot Compatible
  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction Supporters

Vortex Optics


Tango Down Advanced Combat Bipod

Tango Down Advanced Combat Bipod

Tango Down Advanced Combat Bipod


The Tango Down Advanced Combat Bipod is designed specifically for the M16/M4 weapon families. Attached directly to the MIL-STD 1913 MWS (SOPMOD) rail system, no separate adapters necessary.

Bipod body – The clamp body and center portion are forged from 7075-T6 aluminum with Type III hard anodizing. The center portion has two pivots, to which the legs are attached. It will fit on any MIL-STD 1913 rail, using a clamp on the base that is secured by two stainless, black finish screws. An allen wrench or screwdriver can be used to install or remove the ACB. A black stainless button on the outside of each pivot releases and engages a sealed, pre-lubricated stainless steel locking mechanism, which allows the bipod legs to rotate 90° from stowed to deployed. It is locked in both positions and can only be released by touching the button. The center portion rotates for traversing and allows about 40° of angle. The whole bipod body can cant 15°. Urethane bushings keep the bipod center-favored while allowing it to cant on uneven ground.

Legs – The legs are made up of two pieces – the inner and outer legs. The outer legs house the locking mechanism and button, and have 3 holes/detents which provide 3 height adjustments. The outer legs are made of a proprietary glass-reinforced nylon and are much tougher than they look (I was concerned early on in the design stage when I saw the inner legs, but tried to snap one and I couldn’t. The ACB-4 has exceeded Army drop-test requirements). The inner legs are made of carbon-fiber reinforced nylon, and slide in and out of the outer legs. At the top of the inner leg is a button, which fits into the detents in the outer legs. The inner legs are extended by simply pulling them out. In order to shorten them, the button must be depressed and the leg slid in, where the button will engage the next detent. The feet are large to prevent sinking in sand and aggressively checkered for a good grip. When stowed, the bipod legs are locked along the rail system, fitting neatly between the lower and side rails.

308 AR Bipod Improves Rifle Accuracy Easily

AR Bipods


Grip Pod Bipod Systems is the largest weapon stabilization system (bipod) for small arms in use with the U.S. Armed forces. Approximately four years ago, the U.S. Army at Picatinny Arsenal tested all known bipods in open competition for use on the m16a2, m16m4, and m16a4, in CQB, Medium, and Long range Applications. The Patented Grip Pod prevailed as a strong, dual purpose vertical foregrip and bipod in one small light package. It deployed with the push of a button and enabled the soldier to engage the enemy with speed and accuracy never before thought possible.



Currently the Grip Pod is tested and totally adopted by the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. National Guard, British Army, multiple special operations groups, FBI, DEA, and many other federal and state law enforcement agencies. It attaches to the M4 Carbine and M16 rifle series of weapons via MIL-STD 1913 interface. To learn more about the Grip Pod, visit or email to find out how to get one for your weapon system.



Sinclair F-Class BiPod

Just after attaining legend status among long-range shooters with its original F-Class bipod, Sinclair introduced an even better one. Lower, lighter, and easier to install and remove, the new F-Class Bi-Pod isn’t just for competitive shooters. It’s a rock-solid, prone-shooting platform that attaches to your rifle’s front swivel. Weighing in at 2¼ pounds, the aluminum Bi-Pod will accept fore-ends up to 3 inches wide while providing the ability to cant the rifle.

With large, rounded feet and a height-adjustment range of from 5.5 to 10.5 inches on each leg, the Bi-Pod allows you to level your rifle at almost any angle and on almost any surface, locking it into position via easy-to-use ratcheting levers. It is available in both clear (natural) and black anodizing.

For more information contact Sinclair Intl., 2330 Wayne Haven St., Fort Wayne, IN 46803; 800-717-8211.

Sinclair F-Class BiPod

Sinclair F-Class BiPod