NIKON BLACK X1000 6x14x50SF 308 SCOPE

NIKON BLACK X1000 6x14x50SF 308 SCOPE

NIKON BLACK X1000 6x14x50SF 308 AR SCOPE

When I saw the Nikon M-308 series 308 AR scopes going out of stock at the usual big name sources I had a suspicion there were new Nikon scopes on the horizon. The scope market is very competitive especially in the $399-$699 price range so it’s no big surprise I was right.  Recently the Nikon Black X1000 Riflescopes became available for purchase. Nikon appears to be marketing their Black1000 scopes and Nikon Black scope mounts towards the “MSR” rifle shooter. If you dont know what an MSR is It’s the new moniker given to the AR-15, AR-10 and 308 AR platforms. MSR is the acronym for “Modern Sporting Rifle”. MSR is marketing disguised as political correctness. That’s a story for another post.

Anyhow the Nikon Black X1000 appear to be priced about $150 less expensive than the Vortex PST Gen II. This is a smart move in my opinion. Nikon also seems to be touting their warranty. Again Nikon is clearly targeting Vortex.

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NIKON BLACK X1000 6x14x50SF 308 SCOPE

Nikon BLACK riflescope series represents a new category of dedicated optics with models engineered for both precision long-range rifle and the action-gun AR enthusiasts. For the precision rifle shooter, BLACK X1000 models feature MRAD or MOA reticles while AR/MSR shooters can take advantage of rapid-action, close-to-intermediate-range targeting capability of the BLACK FORCE1000 riflescope and SPEEDFORCE reticle.





The 4-16x50SF is a dedicated precision riflescope that offers the precision, the features and the ruggedness serious shooters demand. For starters, it is built with an aircraft grade aluminum alloy 30mm main body tube. With a choice of X-MOA, Illuminated X-MOA or Illuminated X-MRAD reticle, the riflescope delivers 90 total MOA internal adjustment travel for the X-MOA reticle and 25 MRAD for X-MRAD reticles. Its turrets have ¼ MOA or .1 MRAD click graduations yielding 12 MOA / 5 MRAD per revolution depending on variant. All of the 4-16x50SF models have the reticle placed in the riflescope’s second focal plane, so all holdover corrections, ranging and other measurements using the indicated reticle subtensions should be done at 16x magnification.

Nikon’s Illuminated X-MOA and X-MRAD Reticles

Specialized reticles and adjustment systems in BLACK X1000 are glass-etched MRAD or MOA tactical-style variants with illuminated option. Windage and elevation turret internal travel is enhanced for long-range dialing and crisp, click-stop movements operate with no backlash and are both precise and repeatable. The X-MRAD reticle presents the shooter with clean and visually simple, yet highly functional and advanced tools for estimating range, maintaining holdovers or dialing elevation come ups and compensating for wind. An advantage of using these tactical-style reticles is that it can be applied to virtually any shooting application regardless of caliber or ballistic performance, and can be further optimized for specific shooting situations utilizing Nikon’s Spot On Ballistic Match Technology.

Full Multilayer Coatings On All Air-to-Glass Surfaces

With a very capable four-time zoom optical system built with Nikon’s renowned lead- and arsenic-free glass, BLACK X1000 lenses are fully multicoated with anti-reflective compounds for consistently bright, sharp, high contrast sighting at all magnifications.

Turret-mounted Side Focus Parallax Adjustment

Each of the riflescopes in this series features a turret-mounted side focus parallax adjustment to enable fine-tuning of the sight image without changing shooter’s position.

Generous, Consistent Eye Relief and Elevated Windage & Elevation Turrets

Consistent eye relief keeps your brow safe, while the exposed turrets are engraved for maximum readability while offering smooth, repeatable adjustments.

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NIKON M 308 4-16x42mm BDC 800 RIFLESCOPE | AR SCOPE | 308 AR SCOPE


NIKON M 308 4-16x42mm BDC 800 RIFLESCOPE | 308 AR SCOPE

NIKON M 308 4-16x42mm BDC 800 AR RIFLESCOPE Long Range Accuracy for Heavy Calibers

The Nikon M-308 series riflescopes have become one of the most popular 308 scopes for visitors of seeking the best value for their hard earned money. I own two as well as a couple of the M-223 .223/5.56 AR15 versions.

NIKON M 308 4-16x42mm BDC 800 RIFLESCOPE  Nikon part number 16463 represents Nikon’s Precision AR Optic technology for heavier caliber rifles capable of long-range accuracy. A large magnification range combined with an oversize lens provides accurate shots with heavy caliber rifles in any conditions.


NIKON M 308 4-16x42mm BDC 800 RIFLESCOPE was designed for extreme sighting speed and long range accuracy with 308AR, AR308 and Armalite AR-10 and similar rifles that utilize 308 WIN/7.62mm NATO round, the M-308 provides flagship Nikon optics and repeatable 800-yard precision. The M-308 line features Interchangeable Turret Technology for customized precision with virtually any load. To simplify field adjustments, Nikon has integrated Instant Zero-Reset Turrets into all new M-308 riflescopes. Just sight-on as usual, then lift the adjustment knob, rotate to your “Zero” and re-engage. Fully multicoated optics provide up to 95% light transmission for a bright, sharp sight picture in any shooting light between dawn and dusk.

  • NIKON BDC 800 Reticle
  • Ultra Clearcoat Optical System
  • Spring-Loaded Instant Zero-Reset Turrets
  • Fully Multicoated Optics
  • Quick Focus Eyepiece
  • Designed for use with Nikon’s Spot On Ballistic Match Technology
  • Waterproof/Fogproof/Shockproof

NIKON M 308 4-16x42mm BDC 800 Reticle

The NIKON BDC 800 RETICLE was developed specifically for the trajectory of the .308 Win/7.62 NATO Match round with 168gr. HPBT match bullet.  The BDC 800 reticle is designed for a 100 yard zero on the crosshair – with points representing all ranges from 200 to 800 yards.

Custom Precision at Your Fingertips

Like all of Nikon’s riflescopes, the M-308 series is optimized for use with Nikon Spot On Ballistic Match Technology. Spot On allows you to discover all of the exact aiming points on your scope’s reticle at various yardages for your specific ammunition and load.

NIKON M 308 Technical Specifications

  • Magnification – 4 16 x

  • Objective Diameter – 42 mm

  • Exit Pupil – 2.62 -10.5 mm

  • Field of View –  6.3 25.2 ft @100 yds

  • Tube Diameter – 1 inch

  • Eye Relief – 3.7 4 inch

  • Objective Outside Diameter – 49.3 mm

  • Eyepiece Outside Diameter – 44 mm

  • Weight – 19 oz

  • Overall Length – 13.5 inches

  • Adjustment Graduation – 1/4 inch

  • Max Internal Adjustment – 40 MOA

  • Parallax Setting – 50 yds – Infinity

  • Side Focus – Yes

  • Waterproof/Fogproof – Yes

  • Spot On Custom Turret – Yes

  • Matte Finish – Yes

  • Use – Centerfire Short/Mid Range  308 AR, AR-10, AR308 and AR15 MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle), Varmint/Predator

  • Reticle – NIKON BDC 800


Nikon’s Lifetime Warranty

Nikon riflescopes are covered by Nikon’s Lifetime Warranty. If any Nikon riflescope is found to have defects in workmanship or materials, we will, at our option, repair or replace it at no charge.