Bartlein Barrels recommends Craddock Precision for 308 AR/AR308 and AR-10 barrels. Yes you read that correctly Craddock Precision offers replacement AR-10 barrels. When one of the best if not THE barrel makers makes a public recommendation it’s worth noting.

Many AR-10 and 308 AR shooters send Bartlein Barrel blanks to Craddock Precision for custom barrel work. (See service below)




Craddock Precision’s .308 barrels are available for both Armalite AR-10 and  DPMS style rifles. Using Craddock Precision’s custom .308 match chamber the AR-10, AR 308 style barrels will reliably and accurately shoot 7.62 NATO or .308Win ammo. Rifle barrel muzzles are threaded 5/8 x 24. The current lead time is approximately 3-5 weeks. Calibers for AR10/LR308: .243WIN, .260REM, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5Creedmoor, 7mm-08, and .308WIN Match

Craddock Precision Custom Services

Barrel Fluting – Craddock Precision offers a variety of flutes, from diamond to flat flutes we do it all. Fluting prices vary, but they depend on the style of fluting along with how long the barrel is. Call or send and email to request a price on fluting.

Time & Blend Muzzle Device to Barrel – Time and blend for the look of a seamless muzzle. Timing the break to the muzzle will help give it a distinct look and help the break function properly, blending the brake onto the barrel will give it that seamless look.

Thread Barrel – We can thread your existing AR15 or AR10 barrel to fit nearly any muzzle device or suppressor.

Re-crown Barrel – The crown is critical to the potential accuracy of the given barrel. We are happy to rework poor factory crowns or repair any damaged muzzles. Any given barrel we can cut down and recrown also we use a 11 degree target crown but are happy to crown to your specifications.

Assemble 308 AR, AR 308, AR-10 Upper Receiver – Craddock Precision will completely assemble an upper receiver’s for valued customers. They only do this if the customer supplies their own parts for the upper, the charge on this assembly would be $50.

Coating – Craddock Precision offers a variety of firearms coatings to meet any budget and demand. Cerakote is extremely wear resistant, virtually untouched by chemicals, and will not rust. This will generally add 2-3 weeks on your lead time.

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