Look What I Did Here

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Picture of Warne Scope Rail and Bobro Acog Mount

Look What I Did at My Day Job! Don’t Tell My Boss

As part of my day job I design and build machines specific to our process. Sometimes I sneak gun stuff into the design. This here is my  latest machine. It takes a continuous strip of paper and moves back and forth creating a spool of paper. Old versions of the machine use tools and screws to secure the tooling. I decided on my new design I would incorporate some firearm technology in the form of a Warne Tikka rail and a Bobro Engineering Acog mount. This has created a tool-less repeatable tool change. It works so well I’m going to incorporate the design into all the older machines. This will be A LOT of Warne rails and Bobro Acog mounts.

This is my own personal inside joke at work and the best part management loves the “reduced downtime and scrap” and “faster changeover”. Also getting my job to support the industry a couple parts at a time.

I wonder how much time will pass before someone comes through the building and recognizes the hardware. On another machine I borrowed something from a revolver. I’ll save that for another day. 

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