Olympic Arms MPR 308 Rifles Available

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Picture of Olympic Arms MPR 308 Rifles

Olympic Arms MPR 308

I don’t know what to make of Olympic Arms. A while back they announce they are going out of business. Then they never actually go out of business and eventually announce they are transitioning to ownership (Press Releases Below). Anyhow they have announced that they have three MPR 308-15 rifles for sale. Visit Olympic Arms

The MPR 308-15 is truly an amazing development in the field of AT style rifles. Not an AR15, and not an AR10, the MPR 308-15 rifle is one unique lower that will accept any and all AR15 uppers, regardless of caliber, and the Olympic Arms .308 style uppers in a wide range of calibers. Ships with a 10 round magazine.
Retail Customers: Place your order through ANY local dealer.

Dealers: We are currently in a open Enrollment period, so any dealer can now be set up to buy directly from Olympic Arms.

MPR308-15M: 18″ Bull bbl $1,327.00 (1 Available)
MPR308-15C: 16″ Bull bbl. $1,267.00 (2 Available)

To order call 1-800-228-3471

Olympic Arms Company Status Press Releases

Update 3-12-2018

As has been announced on previous occasions, Olympic Arms is working through the process of transitioning into new ownership. This process with a corporation that has  more than 42 years history, industry innovations that have led to dozens of patents and mounds of intellectual property – takes quite some time to sift through and guide into new ownership. With each step, new legal and procedural hurdles are discovered that must be jumped, and the process still continues.

We apologize that this process has taken much longer than anticipated, and we appreciate your kind words of encouragement and patience as we move forward.

In the meantime, Olympic Arms remains open for business to both Dealer and Retail customers. While some product lines have been suspended and other areas of production refocused, we have no intention to cease production and have every intention to continue in operation until the conclusion of this transition. We are confident that there will be an Olympic Arms moving forward. Continue to buy with confidence, and we will continue to be here to provide the quality customer service you have come to know and expect.

Our retail storefront is still open for local walk-in business as well, with hours of operation from 7:30 – 4:00 every weekday unless otherwise noted. Olympic Arms can be reached by phone from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Feel free to contact us via email at info@olyarms.com with any questions or comments.

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Press Release 7-28-2017

Thank you all for your years of patronage, and for continuing your interest with Olympic Arms. As time moves forward, we’d like to update our customers and followers with the latest information regarding the changes here at Olympic Arms.

First of all, we’d like to apologize for any confusion that currently may exist. Circumstances since our original announcement made January 2017 have changed, and remain fluid. During this period of change, we’d like to assure you that Olympic Arms remains open and active, and that you may continue to purchase with confidence.

Current market trends are forcing a restructuring of operations and an inevitable downsizing. However, at this time our full intent is to continue uninterrupted operations and pursue a variety of options that allow us to move forward continuing our innovation in the AR15 industry, and the possible expansion into other arenas within the industry. No paths are off-limits to our consideration.

You may have heard or understood that Olympic Arms is in the process of entertaining offers for the sale or restructuring of the company. This too is accurate. Some offers being considered include the complete transfer of ownership of Olympic Arms, while others may include a reorganization and moving forward with the same or similar management. At this time, we are not certain which outcome will prevail, so we continue to move forward with the utmost optimism.

It is probable that whatever solution is found, Olympic Arms will relocate within the next calendar year. This relocation will likely be a local move, but if the company is sold as entire entity, this decision will be made at that time, and every effort will be made to offer continued service to our entire customer base.

Thank you again for all your kind words, emails and phone calls of support during this challenging time. We will do our best to keep you posted as things progress.