Vortex Viper PST 4-16×50 FFP Rifle Scope with EBR-1 MOA PST-416F1-A

Vortex Viper PST 4-16×50 FFP Rifle Scope with EBR-1 MOA PST-416F1-A www.308ar.com

Vortex Viper PST 4-16×50 FFP Rifle Scope with EBR-1 MOA PST-416F1-A

Viper PST 4-16×50 FFP Riflescope — First Focal Plane

The Vortex Viper PST 4-16×50 FFP Rifle Scope with EBR-1 MOA PST-416F1-A boasts features associated with top-tier riflescopes, yet comes in at a street price under the $1,000 mark. Matching reticle and turret measurements allow accurate, fast dialing of shots. The one-piece 30mm tube, precision-machined from a single solid block of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, offers ample windage and elevation adjustment. Born from an intimate understanding of riflescope design, forward-thinking engineering, and open ears to a market incredibly vocal about what it wants in a riflescope, the Viper PST series delivers the performance and features tactical shooters demand at an economical price.

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Vortex Viper PST 4-16×50 FFP R416F1 A 12A Reticle

Vortex Viper PST Riflescope Manual

  • Magnification 4-16 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter 50 mm
  • Eye Relief 4.0 inches
  • Field of View 27.4-7.4 feet/100 yards
  • Tube Size 30 mm
  • Turret Style Tactical
  • CRS Zero Stop
  • Adjustment Graduation 1/4 MOA
  • Travel per Rotation 12 MOA
  • Max Elevation Adjustment 75 MOA
  • Max Windage Adjustment 75 MOA
  • Parallax Setting 50 yards to Infinity
  • Length 13.7 inches
  • Weight 22.4 ounces

Optical Features

  • XD Lens Elements Extra-low dispersion (XD) glass increases resolution and color fidelity, resulting in crisp, sharp images.
  • XR Fully Multi-Coated Proprietary coatings increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.
  • First Focal Plane Reticle Scale of reticle remains in proportion to the zoomed image. Constant subtensions allow accurate holdover and ranging at all magnifications.
  • Glass-etched Reticle Protected between two layers of glass for optimum durability and reliability.
  • Illuminated Reticle Provides precise aiming under low-light conditions.
  • Construction Features
  • Tube Size 30 mm diameter.
  • Single-Piece Tube Maximizes alignment for improved accuracy and optimum visual performance, as well as ensures strength and waterproofness.
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Constructed from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum for strength and rigidity.
  • Waterproof O-ring seals prevent moisture, dust and debris from penetrating the riflescope for reliable performance in all environments.
  • Fogproof Argon gas purging prevents internal fogging over a wide range of temperatures.
  • Shockproof Rugged construction withstands recoil and impact.
  • Hard Anodized Finish Highly durable low-glare matte finish helps camouflage the shooter’s position.
  • ArmorTek Ultra-hard, scratch-resistant coating protects exterior lenses from scratches, oil and dirt.
  • Tactical-Style Turrets Exposed turrets provide fast, accurate and easily read elevation and windage adjustments.
  • Side Focus Adjustment located on riflescope’s left side and is easily accessible from shooting position. Provides optimal image focus and parallax removal.
  • Internal Mechanism Design Features CRS Zero Stop Customizable Rotational Stop (CRS) aids in return to zero after dialing temporary elevation correction.
  • Precision-Force Spring System Uses premium components in the erector-spring system to ensure maximum repeatability and ease of adjustment.
  • Precision-Glide Erector System Uses premium components in the zoom lens mechanism to ensure smooth magnification changes under the harshest conditions.

Convenience Features

  • MAG-View Fiber Optic Provides a highly visible reference point for the magnification setting.
  • Radius Bar Fiber optic turret rotation indicator provides a highly visible and tactile point of reference for turret rotations. US Patent 7,937,879
  • Fast Focus Eyepiece Allows quick and easy reticle focusing.

Subtension detail for the Viper PST 4-16x50 FFP riflescope with EBR-1 MOA reticle.

Subtension detail for the Viper PST 4-16×50 FFP riflescope with EBR-1 MOA reticle.

EBR-1 Reticle (MOA)

The EBR-1 (Enhanced Battle Reticle) is a hashmarked ranging reticle using MOA based subtension lines for ranging, holdover, and windage corrections. First focal plane reticle.

Vortex Viper PST 4-16×50 FFP Rifle Scope with EBR-1 MOA PST-416F1-A

Vortex Viper PST Scope Opinions?

Vortex Viper PST 4-16x50

Vortex Viper PST 4-16×50


One of the greatest new features gained from updating 308AR.com is the ability for guests to add comments and even contribute content. This post will be the first in hopefully a series if not standard operating procedure for this site. To kick this off I’m going to start with a question. What are your thought’s and opinions on the Vortex Viper PST series of scopes as well as Vortex Optics in general? Typically when looking at scopes for .308’s I will go with Nikon M-308 for low to moderate priced options. When I need premium quality rifle scopes I opt for Leupold Mark 4 ER/T series. Anyhow last couple years I have noticed that Vortex Scopes seem to get quite a bit of love on the web and now that we have a need for a scope or two for a few different .308 projects I figured it’s time for some public opinion.

For reference the Vortex Viper PST 4-16×50 FFP Rifle scope with EBR-1 MOA PST-416F1-A is the first of the Vortex Scopes I am considering.


Please comment below. (If you do not see an option to comment Im working on resolving the issue)

Vortex Viper PST  Scope Opinions?

4×32 Browe Sport Optic (BSO)

4x32 BROWE SPORT Optic (BSO)

4×32 BROWE SPORT Optic (BSO)

4x32 BROWE SPORT Optic (BSO)

4×32 BROWE SPORT Optic (BSO)

4×32 BROWE SPORT Optic (BSO)

Thank you to Browe for getting a 4×32 Browe Sport Optic (BSO) in our hands for test and evaluation. Above is a few quick iphone pictures. Look for a real review and pictures in the very near future.

The 4×32 BROWE SPORT Optic (BSO) is a purpose designed and built optic ideal for AR style rifles and well suited for sportsmen, police, and military.  It’s designed and built from high quality precision grade materials and features housing machined from solid Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum, SCHOTT Glass, and FLIR etched mirror reticle.  The BSO is designed to be a light weight and versatile optic.  The BSO is waterproof, fog proof, and military tough enhancing its ability to survive the rigors of field abuse under the most severe environmental conditions.



Magnification:  4x

Entrance Pupil:  32mm

Exit Pupil:  8mm

Eye Relief:  37mm

Length:  132mm

Width:  67mm

Weight:  300g without mount  / 415g with ARMS 34mm Mount

Field of view:  7° (36.8 ft. @ 100yds)

Adjustment:  .5 MOA

Reticle:  5.56mm Chevron, 5.56mm Crosshair, or AAC .300 Blackout Ring & Dot

Day time reticle:  Black,  Etched Mirror

Low light illumination:  Green or Blue, Rechargeable Illumination Technology (RIT)

Housing Material:  Aluminum 6061-T6

Housing coating:  Hard Anodized

Mount:  ARMS #22-34mm w/ Adjustable Throw Lever

Water proof:  42m / 130ft

Fog Proof:  Filled with dry Nitrogen

Lens Coatings:  Broad Band Anti-Reflective

Origin:  Made in the USA

The BSO features an evolutionary, battery free, Rechargeable Illumination Technology (RIT), which is environmentally friendly and non toxic.   Simply charge the RIT illumination with ANY light source and get hours of low light reticle illumination.  A brief 15 second charge from a high intensity flashlight provides hours of reticle illumination, ideal for those low light situations.  The images below represent the BSO Crosshair reticle daytime black reticle vs. charged RIT illuminated reticle in low light (Green & Blue):



WEAVER OPTICS Tactical Series Riflescopes

WEAVER OPTICS Tactical Series Riflescopes

Weaver has come out with a new tactical line of riflescopes for the precision shooter. The new Tactical Series (MSRP: $890.95 – $994.49) includes two magnification options and is currently available in stores now.

These new tactical scopes are manufactured to the strictest tolerances in order to perform in the harshest environments. From rugged one-piece construction and waterproof/shockproof/fogproof performance to argon purged tubes and fully multi-coated lenses with extra hard exterior coatings, these new tactical scopes help deliver precise shot placement under adverse conditions.

Other factors that establish these new scopes as serious contenders in the tactical market include:

  • Powerful 5 time magnification
  • First focal plane reticles
  • 30mm tubes
  • Side focus parallax adjustment

Serious shooters will also appreciate the reset-to-zero turrets and Mil Dot reticle as they choose between the 4-20×50mm or 3-15×50mm offerings in matte finish.

For more information on this product, visit www.weaveroptics.com.

Weaver Optics Tactical Series Riflescopes 308Ar.com

Weaver Optics Tactical Series Riflescopes

308 AR Scopes

308 AR Scopes

Nikon Monarch X AR Rifle Scope, Nikon M-308 Rifle Scope

Without question the Nikon Monarch line of rifle scopes is one of the most popular scopes for the AR-15 rifle. It’s priced within reach of most shooters with performance and features that rival much more costly scopes.

Nikon Monarch AR-15 Scope

In addition to the Monarch X there’s is a low cost Monarch and premium Monarch Gold lines available. Many of the Monarch Gold models include Tactical/Target Turrets in the box. The models that don’t include the additional turrets will have them available directly from Nikon. Update – Since posting this Nikon has come out with many “Tactical” scopes with caliber specific reticles. In case of the .308 they are referred to as the Nikon M-308. In my opinion the M-308 along with their .223 counterpart the M-223 are the best value scopes available for their respective platforms. Check them out here.

NightForce Tactical 5.5-22×56 RifleScopes

NightForce Tactical 5.5 – 22×56 Riflescopes meet the demands of shooters and hunters by combining performance and innovation in a riflescopes without sacrificing ruggedness, dependability, and craftsmanship. Night-Force NXS Riflescopes are the number one choice for military and law enforcement professional who demand unfailing, repeatable performance. These NXS Riflescopes by Night Force offer several distinct enhancements, delivering perfect reliability and accuracy. NightForce Scopes are the finest and most advanced scopes ever produced.

Developed for the military’s extreme long range shooting and hard target acquisition, the 5.5-22×56 NXS Riflescopes by Night Force provide broad and magnification and range, combined with a large field-of-view, four inches of eye relief and 100 M.O.A. elevation travel. This range of magnification and internal adjustment allow most .50 BMG’s to achieve the 2,000-yard mark with accuracy. These NF NXS Rifle-Scopes are numbered among the most advanced field tactical scopes ever produced. Night-Force established new standards for performance when they debuted these scopes, and they remain the benchmark by which all other scopes are measured.

When either in the battlefield or out for a hunt having your scope zeroed-in is important not only for safety but also for that any once in a lifetime shot. Make a radical adjustment to your NightForce Rifle-Scope ‘s elevation setting and returning your zero setting can be almost impossible, especially when in fast paced and stressful situations. Nightforce ZeroStop ‘s relies on a precisely machined internal stop that will not shift or loosen. Our Zero Stop technology was designed at the request of Tier One U.S. military forces, and has been proven in the field under the most rigorous conditions. Now NightForce offers the same tested design to the public.


Valdada IOR Long Range Tactical Rifle Scope 4 x 24 M2 .223 Cam

VAL-4x24M2 – 223

IOR Valdada’s M2 4×24 Tactical scope is designed for rugged use on a wide array of .223 caliber rifles. Its 30mm tube readily accepts STANAG or Weaver-style rings for attachment to virtually any common mount. It retains the basic characteristics of the M1 model with the addition of an ocular focus.

  • Photo engraved, illuminated range finding reticule
  • T3 lens coating system, developed by Carl Zeiss consisting of full multi coating and anti-reflection treatment eliminating glare and maximizing light transmission
  • 6061 T6 Mil spec alloy housing, “O” ring sealed and nitrogen filled
  • 30mm tube diameter
  • Finger-adjustable knobs
  • Bullet drop compensated cam for .223 cal. 62gr projectile for ranges from 200 to 800 meters
  • Adjustable Diopter
  • Waterproof – Fog proof – Shockproof
  • Superior optical glass by Schott Glasswerk, Germany
  • Reticule Choices: Dot Ranging or CQB Tactical Reticule

Zeiss Conquest AR 308 Rifle Scopes

The Zeiss Conquest line of scopes is much like the Nikons above. They offer incredible performance nearly on par with rifle scopes that cost $1000-$2000 more than the Zeiss Conquest. Zeiss has a wide range of unique reticles for any shooting situation. View the reticles here at the Zeiss web site


Millett AR Rifle Scopes

Millett got a bit of a bad reputation when the LRS and TRS scopes were release. They were also noted for poor customer service at that time. Well the quality issues are resolved and Bushnell is the parent company of Millett solving the temporary customer service issue

  • DMS
  • TRS
  • LRS
  • Buck Gold

Millet_Rifle_Scope Millett DMS Rifle Scope

Leupold Alumina Lens Covers

Leupold’s Alumina flip-back lens covers provide protection against water, snow, dust, and dirt; yet allow your scope to be ready at a moment’s notice. These thread-on covers feature powerful rare earth magnets to hold the lens covers securely closed. Objective and eyepiece covers feature triple O-ring seals to keep the lens clean and dry. These covers feature rugged aluminum construction. They flip back to a low-profile position where they are out of the way and out of your line of sight. Leupold Alumina flip-back lens covers are available for most Leupold scope objectives and eyepieces. More info here.

The lens covers are quite simply the best flip back, flip up lens covers period. They are expensive but worth every cent. These lens covers should come standard rather then the Leupold branded Butler Creek Blizzard Scope Covers.

Leupold Alumina Lens Covers