DPMS 308 Bolt Carrier

DPMS LR-308 Bolt Carrier Group

DPMS .308 bolt carrier parts list and image.

DPMS LR-308 Bolt Carrier Group


DPMS LR-308 Bolt Carrier Group Parts

Below is the parts needed to assemble a DPMS LR-308 Bolt Carrier Group. DPMS and part suppliers omit the 308 portion of the part numbers. Example : Bolt Carrier BT-12

  • 308-BT-16 – Firing Pin Retaining Ring
  • 308-BT-12 – Bolt Carrier
  • 308-BT-03 – Extractor Pin
  • 308_BT-17 – Cam Pin
  • 308-BT-02 – Bolt
  • 308-BT-14 – Firing Pin
  • BT-11 – Bolt Carrier Key
  • BT-10 – Bolt Carrier Key Screw
  • 308-BT-07 – Extractor
  • 308-BT-08 – Extractor with Extractor Spring

DPMS LR-308 Bolt

308AR Bolt Carriers

308AR Bolt Carriers

.308AR Bolt Carriers

This page only applies to standard gas operated .308 AR type rifles. Piston driven AR’s will be covered elsewhere.

Dimensionally Armalite and DPMS bolt carriers groups are nearly identical to within a few thousandth’s of an inch of each other. This means they are interchangeable. However the one thing to keep in mind is you cant interchange the bolts between the different brands of bolt carrier. This means only use an Armalite bolt in an Armalite bolt carrier and a DPMS bolt in a DPMS bolt carrier.


DPMS offers two variation. One with a standard mil spec finish and the other in hard chrome. DPMS also sells the individual components so you can build a bolt carrier group from the ground up. They also offer a hard chrome bolt that can be utilized with either of their bolt carrier offerings as well as the Fulton Armory and JP Rifles bolt carriers.


Fulton Armory

Fulton Armory offers two versions of their bolt carrier. The first is a standard DPMS LR-308 type and the second is a modified version that features a side cocking handle installed. The side cocking model is only to be used with an upper receiver milled to function with the side cocking handle. Using the side cocking model in a standard upper will damage you and your rifle.

Fulton Armory Bolt Carrier Group Fulton Armory Side Cocking Bolt Carrier Group

SI Defense

Not to much information on these bolt carriers other then they aren’t available for purchase yet as they are still in their testing phase at SI Defense.


To the best of my knowledge Armalite offers one mil spec bolt carrier group and from all reports its made very well.

ArmaLite AR-10 Complete Bolt Carrier Group

ArmaLite AR-10 Complete Bolt Carrier Group

JP Rifles

JP Rifles offers a mostly stripped bolt carrier. The JP LMOS Bolt Carrier and Key is a low mass bolt carrier finished in black QPQ hard coat. It increases longevity and lends a naturally smooth surface. This bolt carrier must be used with an LR-308 bolt assembly, firing pin, cam pin and firing pin retainer.

JP Enterprises LMOS Bolt Carrier and Key AR-10, DPMS LR-308