Olympic Arms Closing

Olympic Arms To Close It's Doors

Olympic Arms To Close It’s Doors

Olympic Arms To Close It’s Doors

The below statement is from Olympic arms. In my younger days I would always drool over their ads in the shotgun news. I wanted a Safari arms 1911 for the longest time.

After more than 40 years of business, it is with great sorrow that we announce that February 28th, 2017 will be the last day of operation for Olympic Arms, Inc.

The Schuetz family would like to express their heartfelt thanks to all their friends, associates, and partners that have been a part of the Olympic Arms experience. Most of all we would like to thank our loyal customers and patrons who have been with us all this time.

In the course of closing, we are announcing the following changes in policy effective immediately:

1.   All sales are final.
2.   No refunds or returns will be accepted after 1-25-2017.
3.   All Warranty service ceases 1-25-2017. Warranty work and repairs currently in-house will be serviced and returned.
4.   New orders will only be taken for inventory currently in stock, or that can be built from remaining inventory.
5.   All inventory will be liquidated.
6.   ALL SALES will cease at close of business 28 February, 2017

Thank you for your patronage.

Tom Spithaler
Sales Director
Olympic Arms, Inc.


Brownells Flash Sale $509 AR 15

Brownells has been running these flash sales. I hesitate to post them because their site isnt always updated with the flash sale price. This one finally is. If someone is looking to get in the AR15 game dirt cheap this might be the time to pull the trigger. Use this link or click the image below. Might also be able to get free shipping with code LY4. It’s worth trying.

Maybe they will offer up a 308 soon


Brownells Flash Sale

Brownells Flash Sale $509 DPMS Oracle

Answering Rifle Questions | No Response

Answering Rifle Questions | No Response from 308AR.com

Are We Still Answering Rifle Questions? YES!

A few months ago we moved to a new more powerful server. life was good, almost. Unknown to us at the time our new server was assigned an ip address once globally blacklisted as a spammer. As a result many of our replies to questions were returned as undelivered. This was quite frustrating because replies take time. It was a waste of valuable time.

Ask a Question About AR Rifles

Ask a Question About 308 AR | AR-10 Rifles

Typically when an ip address is flagged for spam there are mechanisms available to clear up the matter. We spent a lot of time trying to get our ip removed from all the blacklists. We were moderately successful. We were however never able to get everything cleared up. The most problematic email addresses were from Microsoft and the At&t family of email addresses. The result is half the population of shooters with free email accounts was not getting our replies. This outcome is very frustrating to put it mildly.

Today is a New Day and a New Server

Today November 17, 2016 I am pleased to report that this site as well as all of our others are on a brand new server. Our new server has better optimization for the software we run. The new server contains 4 cpu processors and 300gb SSD’s (solid state drives). More important than the specs though is our brand new server includes two new ip addresses.  The result will be a better user experience and equally important improved email. We are hopeful the emails will make it to their recipients.


Long Term Gun Ownership Strategy

Long Term Gun Ownership Strategy

Long Term Gun Ownership Strategy

Long Term Gun Ownership Strategy

Long Term Gun Ownership Strategy – Im the type of person that likes to plan ahead for everything whether in my personal life or at my day job. I also happen to live in the North East United States at whats often referred to as behind enemy lines. My home state was in the top 5 for most restrictive gun control in the nation. Lucky me. I knew too well though that despite our existing gun laws the liberal politicians would never be satisfied and would continue to chisel away at our legal rights to own guns and our natural right to protect ourselves. Because of this I decided I needed a “Long Term Gun Ownership Strategy

My Long Term Gun Ownership Strategy was not about specifically owning guns for a lifetime it was more about making sure with as much certainty as possible that I would be able to own the guns I wanted and have them as close to as designed as possible without mechanical limitations due to legal restrictions for a lifetime.

I determined that my Long Term Gun Ownership Strategy would consist of purchasing critical components over entire weapons. Buying complete weapons would be cost prohibitive. Below is a breakdown of what I decided to do.

AR15, AR-10 308AR Rifles

Understanding full well that the number one target of anti-gun politicians would be “Assault Rifles“.  It was clear that the first part I needed to purchase lower receivers which are the part that must be registered.

AR 15 Lower Receivers

Generic and Milspec was the way to go with AR15 LOWER RECEIVERS. CMMG and Spikes Tactical were what I stocked up on. They were readily available from Brownells which as a site supporter is a bonus.In both cases I also purchased the matching AR15 STRIPPED UPPER RECEIVERS. The reason I say stay with generic and milspec is simply for compatibility. These days AR15 manufacturers attempting to differentiate themselves from the competition are incorporating artistic variations on the platform. Nothing wrong with that until non standard AR15 parts are required to keep the gun working. Keep it simple and keep on shooting.

Today I would without hesitation purchase the AERO PRECISION AR15 hardware.

AR 15 Magazines

Naturally AR15  “HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINES” are also targets of the anti-gun politicians.I would venture a guess and say 50 percent of my AR15 magazines consist of Brownells branded and Magpul PMAGS. Twenty Five Percent of my AR15 magazines are from D&H. I like the D&H, they work great and are reasonably priced. The remainder of my magazines are an assortment of no name GI magazines and Colt which I owned prior. Just as a sidebar HK (Heckler&Koch) have whats considered to be the best AR15 magazine ever produced. I own several and they function flawlessly and their quality of construction is exactly what you would expect from HK. The price is also what would be expected from HK.

AR15 Specialty Rifles

Consider that you might one day want pistol caliber AR15 rifles, SBR’s et cetera. Personally I built a 9mm AR15 and a .45acp AR15. The ..45 AR15 uses proprietary Olympic Arms magazines while the 9mm AR15 used standard Colt 9mm Carbine AR15 magazines. I made sure to have enough magazines.

Armalite AR-10

My only option was to purchase a complete AR-10 directly from Armalite. Already living in a ban state without a “grandfathered” AR-10 I ended up buying an Armalite AR-10 A4 10A4CF. Armalite does offer AR-10 STRIPPED LOWER RECEIVERS and under the previous ownership always tried to have some available for purchase. Today under new ownership I believe the AR-10 LOWER RECEIVERS are available when complete rifle production can spare them.


My Armalite  AR-10 A4 10A4CF does not utilize and 3rd party magazines. If Armalite does not have stock drop us a line and I can share where Armalite sent me for AR-10 magazines during the shortage a couple years back.


308AR Lower Receiver

At the time the choices that exist today did not exist. For compatibility the safe 308AR LOWER RECEIVER purchases were DPMS, SI DEFENSE and FULTON ARMORY. Today I would still look towards FULTON ARMORY and I would also add MEGA ARMS and AERO PRECISION to the list. I would also suggest buying the 308AR receivers as a set. There are simply too many variations to chose any other path. In the future if your looking for additional 308AR upper receivers by all means do your homework and understand what exactly your lower is compatible with.

Note: There are a lot of great 308AR  rifles/receivers out there and Im not discounting any manufacturer. My line of thinking is what designs and styles are the most basic and common and should remain that way for years to come. We are not discussing building a complete rifle now. We are discussing pulling a 308AR receiver set from the safe in 10 years and building it up. Then possibly building additional uppers. By all means do what you want.

Other Semi-Automatic Rifles

Some semi-automatic rifle designs are not modular and interchangeable like AR15, AR-10 and 308AR rifles. This is an area where you should dig deep in to your wallet and purchase a complete rifle. In my case I purchased an FN FS2000 BULLPUP. In hindsight I wish I also purchased a FN PS90, BUSHMASTER ACR and a FN SCAR. If a rifle you desire requires proprietary magazines be sure to acquire them as well, particularly full capacity versions.

As a testament to my plan I purchased a couple M14 magazines and yet to acquire a rifle that can accept them

Bolt Action Rifles

My feeling with bolt action rifles is that they would be further down the anti-gun action list at a time when they decide nobody needs a “Sniper Rifle“. The exception being the newer “Modular Rifles” that often share some common features of an AR-10 and AR-15. These features are typically buttstocks and pistol grips which are two of the hot five buttons of anti-gun politicians. Currently I am devoting time to just such guns from Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) an MDT TAC21 and MDT HS3.

Note: Some jurisdictions might consider banning by caliber. Nobody needs a .50 Caliber, Nobody needs a “Magnum” anything. I can just hear it on the evening news.


Shotguns are probably the low point and last for the gun grabbers. However with that said today their are AR15 styled shotguns and most if not all are imported and can be blocked from entering the USA with the stroke of a pen. Personally for me shotguns never entered into my “Long Term Gun Ownership Strategy” .  I have a few and all are good to go.


In my opinion handguns are pretty simple to plan on. The first and most important item would be handgun magazines for any pistol you think you might want to own. In my case I order a few variations of Glock, SIG SAUER, CZ, PARA USA and Browning HI Power magazines. In my opinion the biggest risk after magazine capacity would be imported handguns. Like mentioned above anything that can be banned with a stroke of the Presidents pen or without due process should be considered a priority.



Very few shooters are made of money and can just buy every gun they want to own in a short period. I suggest coming up with your Long Term Gun Ownership Strategy that works for you. To simplify what was stated above I recommend focusing on the registered part of the gun, magazines and rifles and handguns that can be banned without due process. Lastly do not forget ammunition. Watch for sales. Purchase a box or two of ammunition above what you would normally buy every time you visit the gun shop or Cabelas.



Armalite Launches “Get Some Ammo” Sales Promotion

Armalite Nexus Ammo www.308ar.com

Armalite Nexus Ammo

Armalite Launches “Get Some Ammo” Sales Promotion


(Geneseo, IL – Oct 7, 2015) For the fourth quarter of 2015, Armalite has partnered with its sister company, Nexus Ammo, to introduce the “Get Some Ammo” sales promotion.


For new Armalite firearms purchased from a dealer between October 1st and December 31st, 2015, your first shots are on us! M-15 purchases will receive 100 rounds of Nexus Ammo’s .223 Rem 77gr Match HPBT and AR-10 purchases will receive 80 rounds of .308 Win 175gr Match HPBT (approximate value of $110).


Nexus Ammo’s Match Grade line of ammunition is designed to exceed the expectations of the most discerning customers. Using top-quality components and proprietary loading methods, Nexus is able to achieve tolerances rarely seen even in hand-load applications, in our factory ammunition. The “Nexus Method” incorporates quality control requirements not present elsewhere in the industry, often resulting in single digit standard deviation. For information on Nexus Ammo’s Match Grade products, please visit www.nexusammo.com.


The “Get Some Ammo” promotion is available for a limited time. Please visit www.armalite.com for details and limitations.


About Armalite: Armalite is the originator of the legendary AR-10® rifle. For 60 years, Armalite’s commitment to excellence has made our firearms the choice of military, law enforcement and sport shooters worldwide. Armalite has one of the broadest product lines in the firearms industry. We manufacture semi-automatic rifles in 5.56mm and 7.62mm calibers, as well as long range bolt action rifles in .308 Winchester, 300 Winchester Magnum, .338 Lapua, and 50 BMG. Armalite is a subsidiary of Strategic Armory Corps.


About Nexus Ammo: Nexus Ammo provides discerning shooters high impact solutions through unparalleled, patent-pending automation processes. The “Nexus Method” meticulously produces ammunition to exact tolerances equal to the attention of hand loading. Our unique machinery and automation allows us to build ammunition to exact specifications, starting with the raw materials. This method is proven to provide a consistency in weight in every cartridge, delivering the quality and ballistic performance you can rely upon.


You can depend on Nexus Ammo to deliver a full ballistic spectrum of ammunition performance for your tactical, defense, or hunting needs. When you require consistency, accuracy, and repeatability… Nexus is your solution.


About Strategic Armory Corps: Strategic Armory Corps was formed with the goal of acquiring and combining market-leading companies within the firearms industry. Each company that is brought into the SAC family fulfills a consumer need with their brand of niche products. To date, four highly respected manufacturing companies have been acquired with a fifth in the start-up phase. These companies strategically fit together to form a strong base of products and services that are designed to meet the expectations of military, law enforcement, commercial groups, and individual users around the world



Eotech | Cold Weather Distortion | Reticle Fade | Thermal Drift | Parallax Issues

Eotech | Cold Weather Distortion | Reticle Fade | Thermal Drift | Parallax Issues

Dear Valued EOTech Customer:

EOTech values your business and is committed to providing you with the highest quality products. Provided below is information on four issues that may affect your EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight (“HWS”). EOTech has not issued a recall of any of its sights, and many of our customers continue to use their sights regularly. EOTech nonetheless wants you to be satisfied and is offering refunds at your option.

Depending on the age of your sight and the ways in which you use it, you might or might not be affected by these issues. Many HWS users experience no issues with their EOTech sights especially if (for example) the sight is used in close-quarter ranges, the target is in the center of the window, or the sight is re-zeroed frequently. We hope the information presented below is helpful.

Eotech Cold Weather Distortion

Cold weather distortion generally does not affect EOTech-branded HWS manufactured after March 2008. The historical issue with cold weather distortion was that the HWS’s aiming dot experienced distortion of size and shape when the sight was exposed to temperatures below 32° F. This became worse as the temperature approached -40° F. It had virtually no effect in warmer temperatures or at the close-quarter ranges where the HWS is typically used, because at those closer distances the distortion would not have a significant effect on the point of impact. Although generally unnoticeable to the naked eye, the distortion existed at colder temperatures.

Impact: Generally none for EOTech-branded sights manufactured after March 2008. For sights manufactured earlier, the sights affected are those used in cold weather for longer range shooting.

Eotech Reticle Fade (Moisture Incursion)

Reticle fade as a result of moisture incursion generally does not affect sights manufactured after July 2014. Even for sights manufactured before that date, the effect may not be substantial. The issue is that atmospheric moisture conditions can lead to the HWS’s reticle fading or eventually disappearing. It typically is noticeable first when the reticle appears to dim at the edges of the sight window. The sight’s age and environmental exposure are factors that accelerate reticle dimming. In many cases, however, this condition can be mitigated by increasing the brightness of the reticle, using the sight’s brightness controls.

Impact: None for any sights manufactured after July 2014. Potentially minimal impact for sights manufactured before that date, depending on the sight’s age and use. Whether your sight will experience reticle fade will depend on the factors discussed above.

Eotech Thermal Drift

EOTech’s sights experience a point of impact shift away from the point of aim when the sight is exposed to a temperature different from the temperature at which the sight was zeroed. After zeroing the sight at or near ambient temperature (73°F), the zero position will shift during operating temperature changes. The sight has the potential to shift approximately +/- 5 Minutes of Angle (“MOA”) at -40°F and 122°F. Due to thermal drift, the sight may not return to zero. The sights have the potential of approximately a +/- 2 MOA zero shift upon return to ambient (73°F) after being exposed to any temperature between -40°F and 122°F.

This shift results from natural thermal expansion or contraction that is present in various materials as they are heated or cooled, and is greater the more extreme the temperature change. For example, when a sight is zeroed at 70˚ F then acclimated to 50˚ F, less shift will occur. On the other hand, if zeroed at 70˚ F, then acclimated to 0˚ F, more shift occurs. The shift may not be significant to shooters who use their sights at close-quarters ranges. For instance, 5 MOA is a shift of 1.25 inches at 25 yards, and is 5 inches at 100 yards. It also is worth noting that thermal effects are evidenced to varying degrees in common optics, as well as in rifle barrels and ammunition as the environmental conditions change. In all events, to achieve optimum accuracy, the sight zero should be verified whenever the sight is exposed to marked temperature changes, and the sight should be re-zeroed as necessary.

There is no repair currently available to eliminate thermal drift. If your HWS experiences a degree of thermal drift that is unacceptable to you, and re-zeroing does not address the issue to your satisfaction, please contact EOTech, as described below, to obtain a refund of the purchase price.

Impact: The sight’s zero will be affected at varying operating temperatures. This may be minimal for sights used at close-quarter ranges and may be corrected by re-zeroing the sight.

Eotech Parallax

All optics experience varying degrees of parallax depending on use and operating conditions. Parallax is an apparent change in the point of aim resulting from a change in the position of the shooter. EOTech’s sights have little parallax when the reticle is in the center of the viewing window, which is the optimum sighting position and also is the correct place for zeroing the sight. On the other hand, if the user is looking through the sight at the outer edge of the sight window – an off-axis view – the parallax error might be up to 4±3 MOA (or a total of 14 MOA across the viewing window) at 71˚ F (for a sight properly zeroed). In other words, parallax can increase as the user’s view approaches the edge of the EOTech viewing window. To put this possible amount of off-axis error into perspective, 7 MOA equates to 1.75 inches at 25 yards or 7 inches at 100 yards. Viewing through the center of the window achieves the least parallax error. Parallax may increase as temperature changes from 71˚ F. At operating temperature extremes of -40˚ F or 122˚ F, there may be an additional 4 MOA of parallax.

Impact: Virtually none if the shooter is aiming through the center of the sight. Relatively small effect at close-quarter ranges, if the shooter is aiming through the very edge of the sight’s window. As described above, the effect is greater when the shooter is aiming off-center, at longer ranges, or at temperature extremes.

Customer Return Policy
We sincerely appreciate your business and will do our utmost to ensure your satisfaction. If you desire a full refund of your purchase price (plus shipping costs), please let us know by completing the form at www.eotechinc.com/return-authorization-request-form.

If you have any questions, please call our Customer Service Department at (888) 368-4656 or email us at support.eotech@L-3com.com.


The EOTech Team