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308 AR Bolt Catch Screw | AR-10 Bolt Catch Pin Comparison

308-AR AR-15 AR-10 Bolt Catch Pin Compatibility 308 AR AR-10 Bolt Catch Pin – The bolt catch pin, one of the smallest parts on the 308 AR, AR-10 and AR-15 platform weapons is a part that can stop an AR-10 308AR build dead in it’s tracks if you didn’t purchase the correct one or the correct LOWER PARTS KIT for your STRIPPED LOWER RECEIVER. Here’s why. The AR-15 platform uses a roll pin and that’s taken for granted when shooters move up to the AR-10 and 308 AR platforms. Unfortunately this is where the topic gets muddy.

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308AR AR15 AR-10 Roll Pin Tools

308AR AR15 AR-10 Roll Pin Tools – 308AR AR15 AR-10 Roll Pin Tools – One of my pet peeves from folks who assemble their own AR15 AR-10 308AR rifles is the sloppy installation of the various roll pins the rifles require. In all fairness there are a few roll pins that present a challenge to the inexperienced and experienced alike. The BOLT CATCH ROLL PIN comes to mind as does the FORWARD ASSIST ROLL PIN. The BOLT CATCH ROLL PIN is positioned quite close to the body of the LOWER RECEIVER and requires a ROLL PIN PUNCH to have a flat side to properly install.

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Aero Precision Battleworn Orange Grey AR15 Builder Set APPG100025

Aero Precision Battleworn Orange Grey AR15 Builder Set APPG100025 – Aero Precisions October limited run builder set is for the AR15 platform and 308AR or AR-10. Too interesting not to share here though. BlownDeadline is certainly taking cerakote to a new level these days snd the “Battleworn Orange Grey” finish is a testament to that. This picture above reflects a 15″ KeyMod handguard,M-Lok is also available. Visit Aero Precision for ordering information.

Aero Precision Battleworn Orange Grey AR15 Builder Set APPG100025

The October Monthly Builder Set from Aero Precision features a custom Battleworn Orange/Grey Cerakote finish done by BlownDeadline, an industry leader in custom firearms coatings! These pieces feature a custom blend cerakote and are hand finished with no two sets being the same.

This package deal includes the finished pieces you need to assemble your own Battleworn Orange/Grey AR15 M4E1 Rifle, including an M4E1 Upper Receiver, Gen 2 Lower Receiver, Enhanced Handguard and Billet Trigger Guard all custom finished in Battleworn Orange/Grey. Stand out at the range with a unique and eye catching build.

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Armalite DEF10B AR-10

The Armalite DEF10B AR-10 Defensive Sporting Rifle is a high quality, no frills rifle well suited for duty, sport, or defense. The DEF10B uses a double lapped, chrome lined/chrome moly barrel for extreme durability and accuracy, and comes with two steel magazines.

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