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Dedicated to understanding and promoting AR 308, AR-10 and 308 AR Semi Automatic Rifles and related upgrades, parts and accessories.

Learn to build an AR 308, AR-10, 308 AR Rifles! Learn the differences between the 308 AR, AR-10 AR-15 and AR 308 Rifles!

Looking for the best 308 Scope for your AR-10, 308 AR, AR308 ? We can help you chose! Looking to buy an AR 308 AR-10 308 AR? Research here first! AR 10 Upper AR 10 Lower AR 308 Parts Tactical Upgrades

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DPMS LR-308 | AR308 | 308 AR

DPMS LR-308 | AR308 | 308 AR DPMS LR-308 Below is a list of DPMS Panther Arms current 7.62x51, .308 Winchester lineup. Panther LR-308 Panther LR-308AP4 Panther LR-308B Panther LR-308C Panther LR-308T Panther LRT-SASS Panther 7.62NATO Sportical Panther LR-308L DPMS...

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AR 10 |AR 15| 308 AR Compatibility | AR 308

AR10 vs AR15 Compatibility;AR15 vs AR-10;AR15 vs 308 AR;308 AR15 308 AR LR-308 AR10 AR 15 Platform Cross Compatibility 308 AR Parts Compatibility The large platform AR rifles are a great source of confusion and mystery for folks looking to get into the .308 AR world....

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  308AR AR-10 Firearms Manufacturers 308AR Manufacturers, Builders and Custom Shops Below is a list of companies currently (or about to) manufacturing or build complete .308 caliber AR type rifles. If anyone knows of additional sources please let me know. Click the...

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