.308 AR Lower Receivers:

Black Rain Ordnance

The Black Rain Ordnance receivers sets are gaining popularity on the forum as Brownells has had them in stock pretty regularly which obviously is critical given the current political climate. Black Rain Ordnance also does limited runs of special finishes. The skulls was a hit when available. The two finishes above are the standards. One being Milspec and the other being "Norguard" electroless nickel.

Specifications:Stripped AR-style .308 upper and lower receiver sets are fully machined from 7075 T6 billet aluminum and matched for ultra-stable full-contact fit without slop or rattles. These sets accept DPMS LR-308 pattern components to allow for the installation of a variety of aftermarket parts. Flattop uppers feature a T-marked MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail. Lowers have an integral triggerguard for maximum structural rigidity, and have pictogram selector markings for safe, fire, and three-round burst firing positions. Accepts DPMS-pattern magazines, including the Magpul .308 PMAG. Available in with Parkerized finish or the Nor-Guard™ electroless nickel finish for outstanding resistance to corrosion and surface wear.

CMMG Stripped Lower Receivers

CMMG has some real interesting stripped lower receivers. Two are DPMS upper receiver compatible and the third is Armalite The most intriguing of the three though is the DPMS compatible lower that utilizes some of most least expensive and readily available magazines on the planet, H&K G3 magazines.

In addition to stripped lowers CMMG also builds lowers customized with a wide choice of options.

CMMG G3 Mag Compatible .308 AR Stripped Lower

Upper is compatible with DPMS .308 upper receivers with minor modification to upper receiver to allow for clearance of wider G3 magazine. With new mags available $3-5, this is a combo that cannot be beat. Lower is compatible with most popular aftermarket triggers currently on the market.

CMMG G3 Mag Compatible .308 Stripped Lower

CMMG DPMS Mag Compatible .308 AR Stripped Lower

Upper is compatible with DPMS .308 upper receivers. Lower features solid billet construction and contoured finger rest and built in winter trigger guard.

CMMG DPMS Mag Compatible .308 Stripped Lower

CMMG AR10 Compatible .308 AR Stripped Lower

Upper is compatible with Armalite AR10 upper receivers. Lower features solid billet construction and contoured finger rest and built in winter trigger guard.

CMMG AR10 Compatible .308 Stripped Lower

Note: Some early CMMG 308 products had some tolerance issues. I would not suggest buying a used CMMG 308.

SI Defense

DPMS compatible .308 receivers and the HK G3 receiver sets are made from 100% billet 6061 or 7075 aluminum lowers and uppers that will fit DPMS parts. We are currently in production. Contact us now to place your order and for lead times. Orders are filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Lowers only available to FFL license holders only.

Please note: The HK G3 lower is not compatible with a DPMS upper, it must be modified. We will not modify a DPMS upper. You must purchase a matched set when ordering HK G3 compatible lower. The matched set will be compatible with DPMS hardware (lower parts kit and bolt carrier group.)

SI Defense HK G3 lowers will fit DPMS hardware and fit HK G3 magazines. SI Defense standard .308 lower and upper receivers will fit DPMS© hardware and magazines.

SI Defense .308AR HK G3 LowerSI Defense .308AR HK G3 Lower

SI Defense .308 DPMS LowerSI Defense .308 DPMS Lower



DPMS LR-308 Lower

Love them or hate them DPMS making 308 AR parts available is without a doubt largely responsible for giving the platform legs. It's where all this started for me.

Iron Ridge Arms Company

Iron Ridge Arms manufactures some of the nicest looking receivers to be found. They are available in DPMS LR-308,SR25 and Armalite AR-10 patterns.

Iron Ridge Arms .308


Anyone have information on the status of Eagle Arms?

Fidelis Arms

Fidelis Arms - View their website for more information.

Fidelis Arms .308 AR


Stripped, semi-auto lower receiver is fully machined from U.S.-sourced 7075 T6 aluminum billet for superb strength and precise dimensions. Extra metal in the right places gives a big payoff in added support and rigidity with minimal extra weight. AR-style .308 accepts mil-spec and aftermarket accessories, so you can select the upper receiver, receiver extension, trigger group, pistol grip, and buttstock that best serve your needs -- the perfect foundation for a custom tactical rifle. Integral, oversized triggerguard, machined as part of the receiver, further enhances structural rigidity and provides plenty of clearance for trigger finger when wearing gloves. Radiused inside and outside edges protect finger from cuts and scrapes when mounting weapon quickly or during extended fire. Flared magwell with smoothly radiused inside corners helps ensure fast reloads, without fumbling, when seconds count. Cut for ambidextrous bolt release to allow strong- or weak-hand operation; right-side button included with receiver. Easy-to-see laser etched, international “fire” and “safe” symbols give the operator instant, intuitive feedback on the weapon’s safety status in high-stress situations. Mil-spec hardcoat anodized for additional surface strength and corrosion resistance before application of the hard, self-lubricating Teflon® outer coating that’s almost impervious to abrasion and scratches. All heat-treatment, plating, and coatings are applied by U.S.-owned and operated contractors.


SPECS: 7075 T6 aluminum, hardcoat anodized. Small-pin, .154” (3.9mm) hammer/trigger pin holes. .250” (6.3mm) pivot/takedown holes. Accepts AR-style .308/7.62mm upper receivers from Patriot Ordnance, DPMS, and Remington Arms. Uses standard small-pin AR-15 trigger, pistol grip, takedown pin, and receiver extension. Requires .308 buffer, buffer spring, pivot pin. Matte medium gray finish. FFL required for purchase.

Aero Precision SPR-2 .308 Stripped Lower Receiver

Aero Precision

Cobb MCR

The MCR (Multi-Caliber-Rifle) series rifles are chambered in a long list of calibers, from 9mm to 338 Lapua and pretty much everything in between.

MCR stands for Multi-Caliber-Rifle and it is built on the AR type design. MCR Semi-Automatic rifles come in four different models which interchange with each other from one series to the next. To change calibers for example from a .223 (MCR100) to .308 (MCR200) you simply change the upper receiver and magazine module.

To change calibers on the same series rifle from one caliber to another within the same series for example, on an MCR400 from 300 Winchester Magnum to 338 Lapua Magnum you simply change out the barrel and bolt.

Lower receivers and magazine module made out of T6-6061aircraft aluminum. AR type pistol grip and butt stock. AR type trigger group parts that interchange with standard AR's.

The Cobb system is propriety and will not work with Armalite or DPMS uppers. The Cobb MCR utilizes HK G3 magazines

Cobb was purchased by Bushmaster and it's fate is unclear


Hesse had quality issues and sold the design to Vulcan.They have a reputation of being low quality under both names.

Rock River Arms

Fulton Armory




Rimington .308 AR Rifles are rebadged DPMS. They are part of the same company.

Kaiser Military Technologies

JD Machine


Bushmaster had some issues with their .308 AR's and sold the design to Rock River Arms who solved the problems. Update: Bushmaster is back in the .308 AR game. The Bushmaster 308 ORC is a re-badged DPMS LR-308.

Update - Early 2011 Freedom Group is closing the Bushmaster plane in Maine and consolidating the Bushmaster line with their DPMS line. Who knows if Bushmaster brand name will continue.

Mega Arms

The MA-TEN billet receiver set will accept ALL DPMS & Knight Armament parts. All Armalite parts with the exception of the barrel nut, and magazine. Build your ultimate hunting, tactical or target rifle without having to compromise. The MA-TEN will be sold only in sets (upper and lower) including a charging handle, threaded bolt catch pin, take down pins, tensioning screw, and door. This was done to guarantee the best possible upper to lower fit and finish. Using the MA-TEN platform also allows you the most options on your next build.


Spikes Tactical

To date I have only seen some 3D CAD renderings of their 308 lowers.

Tactical Machining

TACTICAL MACHINING has some interesting offerings. You can purchase the stripped upper/lower lower, an 80% upper/lower that requires you to do the final 20% machining or complete receiver sets. There are plans to offer complete rifles in the near future.