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Armalite AR-10 A-Series SuperSASS Carbine

Armalite AR-10 A-Series SuperSASS Carbine A10SCBF - The AR-10A family of Armalite rifles is functionally identical to our AR-10B family. Operation, controls, and maintenance are the same however, the AR-10A family is designed to accept early Armalite AR-10 “Waffle”...

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ARMALITE AR-10 12 TAC HANDGUARD – Perfect combination of light weight and durability. Full length MIL-STD 1913 12 O’Clock rail. Key-Mod doubles as flush cup sling attachment points. Includes barrel nut and mounting hardware. Available in 12″ and 15″ lengths

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JP 308 AR ENHANCED EXTRACTOR JPEB-308EX – This replacement extractor for DPMS 308AR AR308 pattern .308 bolt assemblies includes our extractor spring/rubber core. JP 308 AR ENHANCED EXTRACTOR JPEB-308EX provides a great upgrade over existing over factory 308 AR extractors. JP completely redesigned the extractor, using improved materials and heat treatment processes. This extractor will hold up for thousands of rounds, instead of encountering extraction issues after a few hundred. Fits DPMS pattern 308 bolts. Includes extractor and spring.

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DEVIL DOG ARMS DDA-10B CERBERUS is the ultimate Heavy Metal 3Gun in the DDA® rifle family and a limited edition. Taking all the design elements we know to make a precision performance rifle and then amplifying them. The DDA-10B CERBERUS Limited Edition Rifle features a NiB-X Finish 3D Billet Lower and Upper receiver, NiB-X bolt carrier group, Magpul PRS Sniper Adjustable stock, Ambi tactical charging handle, Accu-Grip® adjustable grip, NiB-X DDA 15” free-float handguard, CMC Competition trigger group, Dueck Defense fffset sights, and 18″ tactical stainless 1:11″ twist .308 barrel with the DDA 3Gun muzzle break. The DDA-10B CERBERUS is our vision of what the ultimate, Competition AR for those who want th

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